What the hell has obama done website

what the hell has obama done website

What the hell is Barack Obama's presidency for?

Wth! You forgot | link to this site: Sons of Liberty What the hell has Obama done so far? What the HELL?! The idea seems a tidy riposte, sized for the digital age, to conservatives and Tea Party activists who allege the Obama administration has done little if anything to pull the country back from the.

Now, Whah voters seem not only unenthused, but downright detached. Most of those young people who, inorganized phone banks on college campuses and rode buses webaite battleground states to knock on doors seem to have little to say about the Obama presidency so far.

Many seem uninspired by, or even uninterested in, the details of his legislative plans. Or, as Shavanna Miller, a recent college graduate who works in social media in Washington, D. The eone seems a tidy riposte, sized for the digital age, to eone and Tea Party activists who allege the Obama administration has done little if anything to pull the country back from the brink of the economic downturn.

Democrats so far have struggled to craft an effective response to that argument; after only a few hours of work, Miller, Boenigk and Carlough seem to have succeeded where they failed. Liberals should be at least as happy with what Obama has done as conservatives are upset with it. But perhaps the site will at least reinvigorate some otherwise disaffected liberals, especially as the election approaches and Obama prepares to spar with Republican leaders over issues like tax cuts, education and health care.

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Anti-Islam rhetoric in politics The Norway bomber threw a spotlight on anti-Islam bloggers and activists. Here in the U. Obama calls websitte debt compromise A "grand bargain" would seem impossible at this point, but Obama is still pushing for one. Lawmakers in both parties meanwhile, how many cubic meters in a tonne votes on their rival debt plans. Featured Topics Historically speaking 11 Tue desk 79 Need to hear 10 Need to learn 5 Need to read 25 Need to see 22 Need websitd taste 6 Need to watch 32 Notes from the corner cubicle 9 Photo of the day Politics and campaigns 23 The sausage 2 Featured Stories.

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Website Tries to Answer what Obama has Done

Barack Obama has now been in power for longer than Johnson was, and the question remains: "What the hell's his presidency for?" His second term has been characterised by a profound sense of drift. Q and A with Creators of 'What the @#$% Has Obama Done So Far' Website. Shavanna, Will, and Richard are the co-creators of the site. By Z. BYRON WOLF. October 27, , PM • 4 min read. These are cynical, fake liberals who have learned to thrive in Donald Trump’s America, and Barack Obama has done nothing to curtail their worst instincts. Even worse, Obama has indirectly inspired a gaggle of Mayor Petes spouting a vacuous “unity” message that has abetted our demise.

A few days after John F Kennedy's assassination, Lyndon Johnson sat in his kitchen with his key advisers working his first speech to Congress. It was the evening of Kennedy's funeral — Johnson was now president.

He had been a hapless vice-president; now he had to both personify and project the transition from bereavement to business as usual.

In the midst of the cold war, with Vietnam brewing, the Kennedy administration had been trying to get civil rights legislation and tax cuts through Congress. There was plenty of business to attend to. Johnson's advisers were keen that he introduced himself to the nation as a president who could get things done.

For that reason, writes Caro, they implored him not to push for civil rights in this first speech, since it had no chance of passing. Johnson, who sat in silence at the table as his aides debated, interjected: "Well, what the hell's the presidency for.

That's what his presidency was for. Barack Obama has now been in power for longer than Johnson was, and the question remains: "What the hell's his presidency for? While posing as the ally of the immigrant he is deporting people at a faster clip than any of his predecessors; while claiming to be a supporter of labour he's championing trade deals that will undercut American jobs and wages.

In December, even as he pursued one whistleblower, Edward Snowden and kept another, Chelsea Manning, incarcerated , he told the crowd at Nelson Mandela's funeral: " There are too many leaders who claim solidarity with Madiba's struggle for freedom, but do not tolerate dissent from their own people. If there was a plot, he's lost it. If there was a point, few can remember it. If he had a big idea, he shrank it.

If there's a moral compass powerful enough to guide such contradictions to more consistent waters, it is in urgent need of being reset. Given the barriers to democratic engagement and progressive change in America — gerrymandering, big money and Senate vetoes — we should always be wary of expecting too much from a system designed to deliver precious little to the poor.

We should also challenge the illusion that any individual can single-handedly produce progressive change in the absence of a mass movement that can both drive and sustain it. Nonetheless, it was Obama who set himself the task of becoming a transformational political figure in the mould of Ronald Reagan or JFK. It was he who donned the mantles of "hope" and "change". It was obvious what his election was for. First, preventing the alternative: presidential candidates in the grip of a deeply dysfunctional and reactionary party.

His arrival marked a respite from eight years of international isolation, military excess and economic collapse. He stood against fear, exclusion and greed — and won. Second, it helped cohere and mobilise a new progressive coalition that is transforming the electoral landscape. Finally, it proved that despite the country's recent history Americans could elect a black man to its highest office.

So his ascent to power had meaning. It's his presence in power that lacks purpose. It's true there's a limit to what a president can do about much of this and that Republican intransigence has not helped. But that makes the original question more salient not less: if he can't reunite a divided political culture, which was one of his key pledges, and his powers are that limited, then what is the point of his presidency?

This should not deny his achievements. He scaled down one major war, is winding down another, and helped save the US car industry. If he's on the hook for growing inequality, then he can take credit for the deficit shrinking and unemployment falling.

But together, this amounts to an extended period of triage before sending the patient back out into the world without any plan for long-term recovery. The underlying impulses, policies, priorities and structures that made the wars and economic collapse possible are still in place. Finally, there's healthcare reform. The brouhaha over its botched rollout will scarcely be remembered a few years hence. But with roughly 31 million people set to remain uninsured and little changing for many, its undeniable benefits are not likely to be remembered as transformational.

All in all, there's precious little that Obama has done that any of his primary opponents would not have done. Occasionally, he either gives a lead — like after the shootings at Newtown when he advocated for gun control — or follows one, as in his support for gay marriage or preventing the deportation of young undocumented immigrants, which helps to set a tone or establish a moral marker. But these interventions are too rare, and their remedies too piecemeal, to constitute a narrative.

I don't quite know the answer to that yet. Twitter: garyyounge. Opinion Barack Obama. This article is more than 7 years old. Gary Younge. His ascent to power had meaning, but now his interventions are too rare and too piecemeal to constitute a narrative. Sun 23 Feb Reuse this content.

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