What continent is cyprus on

what continent is cyprus on

Geography of Cyprus

Dec 28, Cyprus is considered a transcontinental country, between Asia and Europe. Cyprus is an Eastern Mediterranean island country which is located 64 km to the south of Turkey, 97 km to Syria and very close to Egypt. There are many Mediterranean islands and among them, Cyprus is the third largest one with an area of 3, square miles. Apr 13, Settled for more than 10 millennia, Cyprus stands at a cultural, linguistic, and historic crossroads between Europe and Asia. Its chief citiesthe capital of Nicosia, Limassol, Famagusta, and Paphos have absorbed the influences of generations of conquerors, pilgrims, and travelers and have an air that is both cosmopolitan and provincial.

Settled for more than 10 millennia, Cyprus stands at a cultural, linguistic, and historic crossroads between Europe and Asia. Its chief citiesthe capital of NicosiaLimassolFamagustaand Paphos have absorbed the influences of generations of conquerors, pilgrims, and travelers and have an air that is both cosmopolitan and provincial.

In Cyprus became independent of Britain it had been a crown colony since as the Republic of Cyprus. The long-standing conflict between the Greek Cypriot majority and the Turkish Cypriot minority and an invasion of the island by Turkish troops in produced an actualalthough internationally unrecognizedpartition of the island and led to the establishment in of a de facto Turkish Cypriot state in the northern third of the country.

The Turkish Cypriot state made a unilateral declaration of independence in and adopted the name Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Its independence was recognized only by Turkey.

Cyprus lies about 40 miles 65 km south of Turkey60 miles km west of Syriaand miles km southeast of mainland Greece. Its maximum length, from Cape Arnauti in the west to Cape Apostolos Andreas at the end of the northeastern peninsula, is miles km ; the maximum north-south extent is 60 miles km.

It is the third largest Mediterranean island, after Sicily and Sardinia. The rugged island of Cyprus resembles a saucepan, with the handle extending northeastward from the main part.

The general pattern of its roughly mile km coastline is how to kiss a frog and rocky, with long, sandy beaches. The Kyrenia Mountains the western portion of which is also known as the Pentadaktylos for its five-fingered peakextend for miles km parallel to and just inland from the northern coast.

It is the southernmost range of the great Alpine-Himalayan chain in the eastern Mediterranean; like much of that extensive mountain belt, it is formed largely of deformed masses of Mesozoic limestone. The Troodos Mountains in the south and southwest are of great interest to geologists, who have concluded that the range, made up of igneous rockwas formed from molten rock beneath the deep ocean Tethys that once separated the continents of Eurasia and Afro-Arabia.

Roughly in the centre of the plain is Nicosia. The plain is the principal cereal-growing area in the island. The major rivers in Cyprus originate in the Troodos Mountains. The Pedieoswhich is the largest, flows eastward toward How to make a roller coaster out of pvc pipes Bay; the Serakhis flows northwestward and the Karyotis northward to Morphou Bay; and the Kouris flows southward to Episkopi Bay.

The rivers are fed entirely from the runoff of winter precipitation; in summer they become dry courses. Other, less-productive soils include solonchaks and solonetz soils. These latter are found only in isolated saline pockets throughout the island. Cyprus has an intense Mediterranean climatewith a typically strongly marked seasonal rhythm. Hot, how to recover deleted data from blackberry summers June to September and rainy winters November to March are separated by short autumn what continent is cyprus on spring seasons October and April to May, respectively of rapid change.

Autumn and winter precipitation, on which agriculture and water supply depend, is variable. Average annual precipitation is about 20 inches mm. The lowest average precipitation of 14 inches mm occurs at Nicosia, and the highest, 41 inches 1, mmis on Mount Olympus. From December to March the Troodos range experiences several weeks of below-freezing night temperatures, and snowfall is considerable.

There is a narrow fertile plain along the northern coast, where the vegetation is largely evergreen and includes olive, carob, and citrus trees. The Troodos range has pine, dwarf oak, cypress, and cedar forest what continent is cyprus on. The southern and western slopes are extensively planted with vineyards. Between autumn and spring the Mesaoria Plain is green and colourful, with an abundance of wildflowers, flowering bushes, and shrubs; there are also patches of woodland in which eucalyptus and various types of acacia, cypress, and lowland pine are found.

Fossil remains of elephants and hippopotamuses have been found in the Kyrenia area, and in ancient times there were large numbers of deer and boar.

The only large wild animal now surviving is the agrinoa subspecies of wild sheep related to the mouflon of the western Mediterranean; it is under strict protection in a small forested area of the Troodos range. Small game is abundant but keenly hunted. Green and loggerhead turtles, which are protected by law, breed on the beaches along the coast. Cyprus lies on major migration routes for birds. In spring and autumn millions pass over the island, while many species winter there.

Among the numerous resident species are francolin and chukar partridges. Videos Images Audio. Additional Info. Table Of Contents. While every effort has been made to follow citation style rules, how much is a toyota venza 2012 may be some discrepancies.

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Actually Cyprus is a member of the EU, but, it is located to the cross of 3 continents (Europe, Asia, Africa). It is an island country in the Eastern Mediterranean, south of Turkey and west of.

Is Cyprus in Europe or Asia? On Sporcle, we consider Cyprus to be part of Europe, but there are also strong arguments for why Cyprus is in Asia. The great geography debate about what continent Cyprus is in is one of those pesky bits of general knowledge that can drive people crazy. Depending on who you ask, many seem to have differing opinions on the location of Cyprus, and how the Mediterranean island is classified on the global map.

It is important to realize, however, that the history of Cyprus is long and complex. It is hard to say that there is one definitive answer to our question. But when all factors are considered, it seems more correct to say Cyprus is in Europe. If we are going to discuss the current physical and political positioning of an entire country, then it only seems right that we start at the beginning, or in this case as close to the beginning as we can reasonably get.

It has been documented that Cyprus has been the host to human life for over 9, years. The Greeks and Phoenicians were among the first groups of people to settle the island, but it did not take long for other powerful nations to begin to fight over it. Assyria, Egypt, Greece, and the Roman Republic all at least partially ruled over the island at some point during its first few thousand years of human settlement.

Throughout the Middle Ages, powerful empires continued to fight over the island. The Byzantine, Ottoman, and British Empires all spent some time ruling over Cyprus at one point or another, with the British Empire being the last to snag control.

When viewed in historical context, there is no doubt Cyprus has played a significant role in European, African, and Asian history. Cyprus was formally annexed by Britain in However, throughout the 20th century, the island would be fought over by competing interests.

Meanwhile, the majority of Greek Cypriots had long pursued a union with Greece this in turn, was supported by Greece. Eventually, Cyprus would be granted independence from Britain in In , 11 years of intercommunal violence between the Greek and Turkish communities on Cyprus began.

This led to a Turkish invasion of Cyprus on July Eventually, Turkish forces would establish the territory of Northern Cyprus. This territory was formalized as a speratate Turkish state by a unilateral declaration in a move widely condemned in the international community. Today, Northern Cyprus still exists, but is only recognized by Turkey. The political situation of Cyprus remains a point of ongoing dispute.

For those hoping the Cyprus continent issue might be cleared up by the people living there, that will unfortunately not be the case. Depending on where on the island you are, the answer could be different due to the continuing conflict between people of Greek and Turkish descent that reside on the island. Turkish Cypriots would be more likely to say Cyprus is in Asia.

With all that said, however, there are actually a number of Turkish citizens who want Turkey to be wholly considered part of Europe. Cyprus is an EU member , which seems to be a pretty good argument for why Cyprus is in Europe. But that is only one side of the coin. In the fight over whether Cyprus is part of Europe or Asia, it would seem like the simplest and most definitive determination would be in where it actually sits on a map.

Unfortunately, the location of Cyprus happens to point towards the fact that it is a part of Asia, despite what a lot of the previous information indicates. Cyprus sits just south of Turkey the Asian part , and is actually closer to Syria than it is mainland Europe.

It should be noted, however, that there are a couple countries in Europe with land farther east than Cyprus. There is no doubt that one could make arguments for Cyprus being in Asia, but doing so ignores many historical, cultural, and political factors.

So is Cyprus in Europe or Asia? There are compelling arguments on both sides, but ultimately we feel this Mediterranean country has closer ties to Europe than Asia. If you like this post, you might enjoy these others:. However, there is so much more to this diverse country []. Where is Colombia? And what all does Colombia have to offer? Swashbuckling pirates. Hostile takeover attempts. Beauty queens. James Bond stunt pilots. Island living. Is this Pirates of the Caribbean?

An action-star themed episode []. Facebook YouTube Twitter Instagram. The Latest. Is Cyprus part of Europe? Part of Asia? History of Cyprus If we are going to discuss the current physical and political positioning of an entire country, then it only seems right that we start at the beginning, or in this case as close to the beginning as we can reasonably get.

Modern Cyprus Cyprus was formally annexed by Britain in Where Is Cyprus? Is Turkey Part of Europe or Asia? Is Egypt Part of Africa or Asia? And make sure to test your trivia skills in the quiz below! Comments comments. Asia Countries Europe Geography. Next Sporcle Live Spotlight: Brewcade. January 27, Articles.

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