How to test mobile web apps

how to test mobile web apps

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Aug 05,  · Appium is the leading framework for mobile app testing automation. It works on both Android and iOS apps. You can test mobile native, web, and hybrid app tests with Appium. Espresso; Espresso is an automation framework for Android apps. Espresso testing focuses on Android-specific UI and the framework is very developer friendly. Because the. Apr 15,  · Mobile web testing can be challenging because of a variety of mobile devices, platforms and screen sizes. TestComplete addresses this challenge by letting you test mobile web applications using an emulator with preconfigured phone and tablet browser profiles.

With smartphones gradually becoming a how to sell your condo fast, developers are finding good careers in mobile app development. The markets are eventually getting flooded with millions of apps.

But the truth is only a few are able to make their mark and rule the mobile world. In such high competency ratio, you have to be sure that apart from offering something innovative and interesting to your customers your application should also be free from any glitches. And hence, mobile app testing is becoming very important.

Mobile application testing is a procedure to test mobile applications for usability, functional, and consistency glitches. Mobile application testing is very different from software testing and web testing. How to get rid of rats in the roof space are a few specifics that you should consider before performing mobile application testing:.

The type of mobile app you are testing plays a very important role in defining your testing process. So, be very clear about which type of mobile app you are going to test. They are largely categorized into three different types:. Strategizing your testing efforts can help you carry out testing in a streamlined manner thus increasing its efficiency and effectiveness. The basic points that you need to consider while strategizing your mobile app testing efforts are:. Testing on a real device is always the best decision for your mobile app testing.

It gives the highest accuracy. But, with markets flooded with hundreds of various brands and various models of mobiles, selecting the most appropriate one for your testing is a cumbersome task. Emulators or simulators are widely used for mobile testing these days. But what are these Emulators or simulators? But they are very different. An emulator is the original device replacement that allows you to run applications on your gadget without being able to modify them.

Hence Simulators are preferred to test mobile application whereas Emulators are better for the mobile web application testing. Allowing run mobile devices to how to encrypt word files on several systems and networks, cloud-based testing helps to get over the drawbacks of simulators and real devices.

Some testers till date support manual testing while to others they believe it is going to how to make piccalilli recipe. But the fact is that both automation testing and manual testing are important. There are scenarios that are best tested with automation testing, but there are few that give the finest results with manual testing.

Even before the development of the app starts the testers are handed over screen layouts, navigational charts, and other requirements that are obscure on the design. In this phase, you need to analyze the requirements for wholeness and discrepancy. All the discrepancies found in this how to test mobile web apps are required to be resolved before the development begins.

It helps you test whether your mobile application works as expected and in accordance to the requirement specifications. While you are performing functional testing for your app keeps the following factors in mind:.

Usability testing ensures that your application offers convenient browsing to your customers and creates an intuitive interface that abides by industry standards.

It promises fast and easy-to-use applications. Usability of your application is judged based on these basic three criteria:. Compatibility Configuration testing validates the optimal performance of your application on different devices based on their size, screen resolution, version, hardware, etc. Compatibility testing also takes care of. Cross-platform testing : Testing your mobile application compatibility with different operating systems: Windows, iOS, Android, how to revise for ideas in context BlackBerry, etc.

Cross-browser testing : Testing your mobile application compatibility in different browsers Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera Mini, etc. Device Configuration testing : Testing your mobile application compatibility on different devices based on. Performance testing helps you test your application reaction and constancy under the specific workload.

Security testing validates the security features of your application. It also analyzes the risks of application hackers, protection, viruses, and unauthorized access to extremely sensitive data. Recovery testing tests the ability of your application to withstand and successfully recover from possible and potential failures caused by software issues, hardware failures, or communication problems. Localization testing tests the adaptability of your application for a specific target audience based on cultural specifics.

Finally, when complete testing is done, you might find some bugs, resulting in a certain piece of code to change to eliminate those bugs. After these code changes you again need to carry out a round of testing. This basically includes:. Beta testing is done by real users on real devices to validate usability, functionality, compatibility, and reliability testing.

Certification testing tests whether your application meets the standards, licensing agreements, terms of use and requirements of stores like the App Store, Google Play, and Windows Phone. For functionality testing : AppiumSelendroid, Robotium, Ranorex. Hope this article might have given an overview of mobile application testing.

Stay tuned for more such informational articles. Test Cost Calculator. Services We Offer. Recent Posts. How much does app testing cost? A Detailed guide. Contact Us. Related Posts. Different Types of Mobile Application Testing. Cost Calc. Call Us.

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Edit this Doc Automating mobile web apps If you're interested in automating your web app in Mobile Safari on iOS or Chrome on Android, Appium can help you. Basically, you write a normal WebDriver test, and use Appium as the Selenium server with a special set of desired capabilities. Jan 04,  · TestingWhiz – codeless test automation tool for testing web, mobile, and cloud applications with an impressive number of third party integrations. – mobile app testing service that crowd tests your website and apps through a global cloud of QA testing pros, 24/7. The Complete List of 30+ Mobile Testing Tutorials. A complete mobile app testing free online course. This 1st tutorial will be both an introduction and your guide to Mobile Testing and tools. Read an understand the complete Mobile Application Testing Strategy and test cases.

Mobile web testing can be challenging because of a variety of mobile devices, platforms and screen sizes. TestComplete addresses this challenge by letting you test mobile web applications using an emulator with preconfigured phone and tablet browser profiles. You do not need real devices for testing, which simplifies your testing setup and maintenance.

Creating and Recording Mobile Web Tests. Where to Go Next. Web developers use various techniques to make mobile web applications compatible with different mobile devices and screen sizes. For example:. Testing helps verify that your mobile web site application looks and works fine on various devices. Using TestComplete, you can record automated tests in the mobile browser emulator and play them back using different browser profiles.

This way you can —. Verify that a web site with mobile device detection returns the correct content to different devices. Mobile web testing with TestComplete is similar to testing regular non-mobile web sites, with a few exceptions described below.

For example, TestComplete uses the same test objects, methods and properties for both mobile and non-mobile browsers, web pages and web page elements. If necessary, see the following topics first to get a general understanding of how to perform web testing with TestComplete:. Support for Mobile Web Controls.

How To. TestComplete uses Google Chrome to emulate mobile browsers. The emulation mode changes some browser characteristics to match those of mobile devices:. User agent — The string that identifies the browser to web servers. It includes the browser version, operating system and its version, and other information. As a result, web sites return mobile content even though you test on a desktop computer.

You can add custom mobile browser profiles. The easiest way to create tests is to record them and then change the recorded tests as needed. You can also create tests manually from scratch, if you wish. Add custom mobile devices you want to test your site with. Select a mobile browser profile from the Run App Virtual Browser drop-down list on the Recording toolbar.

TestComplete will launch the emulator with the selected profile. Perform test actions navigate through web pages, fill out forms and so on and create checkpoints for the tested web site. Run the test to make sure it passes. If needed, debug the test to find and fix the issues.

Configure the test so that it runs using all needed mobile browser profiles. Testing mobile and regular non-mobile web applications with TestComplete is very similar. The following table lists the differences. If you have some experience with regular web testing, you can use this table as a quick reference guide.

Classic Web Testing. Working With Application Objects and Controls. Working With TestComplete. Switch To: SmartBear. Academy Open in new tab. Community Open in new tab. License Portal Open in new tab. Store Open in new tab. Zephyr for Jira has a new name — Zephyr Squad. Learn more. Applies to TestComplete For example: Responsive web design lets web sites adapt the page layout to various screen sizes.

Platform detection lets web sites show device-specific content. The emulation mode changes some browser characteristics to match those of mobile devices: User agent — The string that identifies the browser to web servers.

Browser screen size and device pixel ratio to emulate Retina displays. Emulation of touch events, meta viewport, and mobile scrollbar overlays. Click the image to enlarge it. Creating a mobile web test includes the following steps — Optional. Record a test using the mobile browser emulator: Start test recording. Testing is done using a single browser — Google Chrome, which emulates different mobile browsers. Tests can work with any supported web browser installed on the computer.

You can launch a browser from TestComplete as well as from your desktop. In keyword tests, you use the Run Browser operation to launch a web browser. In keyword tests, you use the Run Virtual Browser operation to launch the mobile browser emulator. In keyword tests, you use the Browser Loop to repeat test operations in different browsers. In keyword tests, you use the Virtual Browser Loop to repeat test operations in different mobile browsers.

In scripts, you use the Browsers. Item …. Run method to launch a web browser. In scripts, you use the VirtualBrowsers. Run method to launch the mobile browser emulator. The Browsers object provides access to the collection of installed web browsers. The VirtualBrowsers object provides access to the collection of enabled mobile browser profiles. Testing Mobile Web Applications Using Emulator - Tutorial A quick tutorial for creating a mobile web test that runs using different browsers.

Classic Web Testing A detailed explanation of web testing with TestComplete most of this information applies to mobile web testing as well. Working With Application Objects and Controls Describes how to perform common operations with objects in applications. Is this page helpful? Thank you!

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