How to spot a fake citizen eco drive

how to spot a fake citizen eco drive

How to Spot Fake Citizen Watches

Jul 06,  · How To Spot A Fake Citizen Watch. It truely does work as weather proofing, shock and magnetic area resistance. Citizen Eco-Drive technology is actually a revolutionary concept. It harnesses the energy of sunshine and converts it into watch energy. citizen watch citizen watches Fake Citizen . Mar 19,  · The only way you could tell with certainty that you don't have a fake would be to either (a) look at the dial under bright light to spot the solar cells underneath, or (b) remove the caseback and verify the movement inside is genuine Citizen. Replica makers commonly get dials and casebacks perfect so just seeing a caseback won't verify anything.

I recently got burned on a counterfeit watch that is listed as "Authentic". I was initially very pleased with the watch until I received a message from another person that had been ripped off by this guy. I wasn't sure that my watch was a fake until this guy was able to tell me what my serial number was. After that I began to pay more attention to the detail of the watch and discovered a few flaws.

It loses about a minute every other day, you'd think they could make a counterfeit that at least keeps what is secret society illuminati time The illumination is wrong.

So I have started the dispute process. Initial replies stated that my money would be refunded, so I was fine with that I just need the ridiculous Chinese address so I could send it out. Once the guy responds with his address he tells me "Send regular air post, no tracking number" Then hidden amongst the wall of text I notice "I will exchange for you" Uh, excuse me?

We have discussed a refund for days and then he tries to sneak in an "exchange offer" for a watch I would send with no tracking. Now, I know this guys is a counterfeiter and he is deliberately trying to be deceptive in the dispute process so now I really don't trust him at all. I'm curious if I can have ebay "middle" this deal for me. Sorry for the wordiness, I'm a little frazzled by this whole ordeal.

If the seller is here in the US These are the two that I have my eye on:. Of course they can. For that much outlay of cash, have it authenticated by a knowledgeable watch repairman as soon as you receive it. You have 45 days from date of payment to file a Significantly Not As Described dispute if the seller is not willing to take it back for a refund. Do a search for replica citizen watches in google and you will be amazed to see how many different models are available.

Some of these replicas are being listed on the Bay as Genuine. When I see a seller with no history, whose first item for sale is a Citizen Eco-Drive, my gut tells me it is not real. Also, look at the description of the items. Poor grammar. This is a red flag that the item is coming from China and is most likely a fake.

If I do end up purchasing a Citizen, I will pay a reputable dealer. If you open a significantly not as described complaint SNAD, and state that the item is indeed fake, you may have to prove to eBay that it is fake, and the only way to do what is a tesla coil is by having an expert, on letterhead stationary, say it is fake.

This is sometimes problematic, as some experts charge, and others simply will not do it. To avoid this, you simply state how to make homemade pancakes without baking powder the item is not as described. Then you will not have to prove the item is fake. I like Citizen watches, their quality and technology are among the best.

The older watch was a gift from a friend who happens to be a bail bondsman, it works perfect and looked fully genuine but upon researching it when I was going to sell it used on ebay I found that this was a watch with a genuine Citizen movement inside of a "clone" case that had all of Citizen's proper markings and everything. It seems you can buy the movements through jeweler's parts channels overseas in bulk that are real Citizen. What did we expect? We knew what we were buying.

It shipped from San Francisco, but I understand it is a international watch. I don't understand why the pictures uploaded so blurry. AS the first message sender, check a watch is fake or not you need to see the back of the watch. I recommended Ebay to enforce all watches sellers whose need to sold the front surface and the back of the watch and the documents. Because I recently bought one. Its astonoshing. On the phone with Ebay and they acknowledged it was counterfeit and not only did they suggest to send it back, but amazingly, the seller was refunded in a case and I was left without a fake watch or my money haha.

You might get refunded for counterfeit item but I have seen claims where buyer took watch to jeweler and had it verified counterfeit only to have refund denied due to "opening of case back.

Best to stick with item not as described vs. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. Message 1 of All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. But before you make a move you might want to post the link of the sellers post and have some of the "old timers" take alook. I'm still learning myself. I have been burned myself, plenty of times and those were face to face transactions.

I know for a fact. There is just allot of ways the scammers get you. Message 16 of I hope there are no harm feelings between us. Message 17 of Message 18 of Message 19 of Do buyers normally get their money back if it is indeed a fake? Message 20 of Message 21 of Message 22 of Throwing another variable in would be the question, "what's a fake"?

Message 23 of Message 24 of Message 25 of Sorry wrong post. Message 26 of In response to cher That will help us who like a "good deal" buyer as well as Ebay themselves.

I don't thing they listened! Can I ask what serial no. Message 27 of In response to diamndgrader. I have been looking for an alternative ever since. Message 28 of In response to george Message 29 of In response to sweetbaldie.

Message 30 of Post Reply. Related Content. Please help with how to find batteries for watches I have that have no batteries.


Sep 28,  · The bezel on a fake won’t rotate. The Skyhawk uses a C movement. If the movement is not engaved with “C,” it may be a fake. Avoid Internet sellers that post photographs that are out of focus or difficult to lovedatingstory.comg: eco drive. Dec 26,  · 1, The outer frame of the two movements are obviously different, the shape and the color of the outer frame on fake are different from that of real, and the craft is also very rough. Here is another type of the fake ATL/E, yes, there are different versions, this one is . Oct 12,  · I wasn't sure that my watch was a fake until this guy was able to tell me what my serial number was. He knew my serial number because it was the same as his serial number and the same as ALL OF THE SERIAL NUMBERS because these watches are fake. After that I began to pay more attention to the detail of the watch and discovered a few flaws. 1.

Fake Citizen watches have flooded the watch market only in the past five years, although the monetary savings of buying a fake Citizen over the genuine timepiece is minimal. Spotting fake Citizens is difficult because the phony versions often feature the same components as the genuine article, but they are made with cheaper materials. Visit an authorized Citizen watch dealer at the local mall. Use a jeweler's loupe to physically inspect the watch dial, Citizen logo, minute and second hands, color, case back, movement--the small electronic or mechanical device that runs the watch--and bracelet or strap.

Take home and read the Citizen sales brochure. Determine whether a watch's weight is similar to the Citizen watch you inspected at the authorized seller. The Citizen Men's Skyhawk A-T watch features a rotating bezel that acts like a slide rule for air flight computations. The Skyhawk uses a C movement. Avoid Internet sellers that post photographs that are out of focus or difficult to examine. Such photos obscuring the product may be a sign of a fake Citizen watch.

Copy and enlarge photos of Citizen watches for sale online if you choose to buy via the Internet. The photos must be clear. Visit the Citizen watch website for comparison. Join online watch enthusiast forums and post your photos. Experienced Citizen watch buyers and sellers can help you identify a fake. Inspect the documentation that comes with a genuine Citizen watch.

All Citizen watches come with authentication documents when sold to customers. There is no documentation for fakes. Note that Citizen uses its own Miyota brand movement. The movement should be embossed with the Miyota name.

An unidentified movement may indicate that the watch is assembled from other brands. Avoid sales that discount Citizens more than 50 percent. Reputable authorized dealers do not take losses on their inventory.

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