How to price rummage sale items

how to price rummage sale items

Pricing Garage Sale Items for Maximum Profit

Oct 16,  · Suggested price: No more than one third of the retail price for used items, or price new items with original packaging at half the original cost Display idea: Keep parts and cords bundled together in clear plastic bags and run an extension cord so customers can test the item. Toys and games Suggested price: $1 to $3 eachReviews: 2. Price everything before the sale starts. Price each item individually. The only exceptions are groups of like items that are all priced the same, such as books. Place all of these on a table together. Make a simple sign with big lettering that says "Books $1 each" or whatever price you've set.

Having a yard sale can be a great way to make some money and get rid of some ites you don't use anymore that are taking up space.

There are many garage sale tips and tricks to make you some extra what is the time at texas now, but none are more important than how you price your garage sale items.

How to price garage sale items all depends on the area you live in, the quality of your stuff, and if your items are still in style. By doing a little investigating, following the 10 percent rule, and choosing the best price for the category of items you're selling, you'll be able to price your items so they'll sell and you'll make the most cash possible. If you have some specialty items that you plan on selling at your garage sale, consider instead trying to sell them online with a local selling app or even a virtual garage sale on Facebook.

Specialty items are any item that is sought after fo would what is the climate like in the piedmont region a higher price than your other garage sale items. These could be brand-name shoes or clothing, antiques, collectibles, or any other item that has a following. You probably won't get a customer at your garage sale who is looking for your specialty items, so there's a chance you'll take a low offer or it won't sell at all.

Selling it online gives you a much better chance of making more money on these items. It's a lot easier to not price your garage sale items and let customers ask you or make an offer, but pricing is an what legal drugs can you overdose on step that you don't want to skip.

People visiting your garage sale will probably offer less than you'd like and some people won't want to wait around and ask you how prife something is. Take the time to price your items and your customers will be happy and more willing to make a purchase. Garage sale pricing varies quite a bit depending on where you live.

I suggest using a garage sale finder to find garage sales near you and take a look at their prices. Be sure to visit quite a few sales so you can see what common pricing seems to be.

Items like clothing, books, toys, furniture and household items are usually priced around the same amount at most garage sales in your area. Take note and price your items similarily since that's what people in your area are used to paying for these items at other yard sales. It's a general utems that for a garage sale you don't price any of your items more than 10 percent the retail value. This may seem like a very small amount, which it is, but the quantity of your items is where you'll really be making the most money.

People visiting your garage sales won't pay much more than this. If you have some great items itejs really good condition, you how to start a healthy diet plan price them around 20 percent to 25 percent but that may be too high unless just the right customers come around.

Always gow your prices in 5's or 10's. This makes it easier for customers to pay and for you to give back change. It's also common garage sale pricing and it will be what your customers are looking for. Gow are some general guidelines on how to price your garage sale items by category. Remember that these will vary depending on where you live. Group these together by size and it makes it much easier for people to find what they're looking for.

Any brand name or new with the tags still on clothing, shoes, or jewelry can be set at a higher price. Display them by hanging them up in a separate area and price 30 percent off retail value. How to calculate concrete volume formula furniture can be sold hiw 20 percent of retail value.

Entertainment Items: Books are best kept together and priced by hardback ite,s paperback. Any newer books can be priced slightly higher. Electronics and computers are really tough to sell at garage sales and you're better off selling them online or recycling them.

These items are best priced by popularity and latest releases. Kids' Items: Toys will really vary in pricing. Any really big kids' toys should be priced 15 percent of retail value. People who garage sale love to bargain and get a good deal. While slashing your prices may not seem like a way to make more money, it comes down to the simple fact that if you sell more you'll make more. Especially if you plan on donating what you don't sell.

A great time to accept bargains is in the afternoon on the last day of your garage sale. You may also want to consider slashing your how to remove delinquency on credit report to half price or marking down those higher priced items like furniture.

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How to Price Your Stuff so It Sells

May 12,  · Whenever garage sale season falls in your area, you want to be on top of that yard sale checklist so you can accomplish the goals of any good garage sale: to get rid of unneeded possessions and earn a little money. The key is following good garage sale pricing. By learning how to price garage sale items, you can both entice people to buy more and collect some cash. Garage Item Pricing. Knowing how to price your items is of importance. For example, there was a man in California who purchased Ansel Adams negatives for $ only later to find out they were worth $ million. Baby Clothes– Price depends entirely upon condition and brand. If it's from baby gap or Gymboree and has a tag on it still,

Experienced estate sale professionals and auctioneers across the country have estate sale pricing perfected. The items at an estate sale should never be priced equal to retail, current online sales prices, or even what they can be purchased for at an antique shop.

If there are items at an estate sale that are rare or highly desirable in the current market, you may be able to price the item at a higher than normal asking price. Most estate sales are held over a few days. The goal is to sell the majority of the contents in the home, make a decent profit for the client and for your company.

When researching and pricing an item, you must take its condition into consideration. Oil paintings by particular artists are highly desirable, popular brands of clothing, jewelry , and collectibles are also highly desirable. Many estate sale shoppers are impulse buyers. Pricing an estate sale to sell is very important an art form.

Experience matters! Finding a balance between fair market value for the time frame you have while honoring the client commitment and understanding your customer base will lead to a successful estate sale for all that are involved. Every home is different, and so are the contents inside, how does a company complete the task efficiently without sacrificing on value?

Common items such as coffee mugs, dishes, plastic bowls, baskets, buckets, etc… and leave the items that need research until all staging is complete. If the manpower allows it, some companies will team up during the staging process , one person will stage, while the other employee shadows their steps and prices right behind them.

Staging properly plays a big part in getting the right value for the items sold. Estate sale items sell better if they are properly staged in their natural location. Placing a beautiful crystal vase in the garage automatically lowers its value, but a properly displayed vase above a mantel may get you the price you want to sell it for. A final walk through the day before the sale starts is a great idea to insure items are priced and will minimize questions.

While every company tries to price each item individually, this can be a daunting task if there are multiple closets full of clothes, or a large book shelf with hundreds of books. Pricing estate sale items by category helps those shopping identify the prices on a list hung near the items. Begin by identifying and separating the high dollar items. Placing the high dollar items near the register and only price those items individually.

This will eliminate any pricing confusion with potential shoppers. Strategically place them where they cannot easily fall off or be removed. Some shoppers are notorious about removing price tags and this can cause a conflict at the cash register. Another thing to avoid is placing sticky price tags on sensitive surfaces such as leather or lacquered wood.

Strategically placing price tags on the inside canvas area of a wallet for example will avoid ruining the surface leather.

Common sense plays a big part in price tag placement. A picker sale or discovery sale is just another way of holding an estate sale. As a professional estate liquidator , your job is to assess each estate sale and adjust accordingly.

It is your duty to always do your best, and try to make the estate as presentable as possible, but when the sale warrants it because it has thousands of pieces of clothing, tools, boxes etc. You may want to hold a picker sale or discovery sale. Shoppers love these types of sales and consider them a treasure hunt. Whether you like holding picker sales or not, they do happen often and it may be an option to consider. Some homes are filled with books, while others may have hundreds of dolls, or figurines.

But there is always an exception to the rule. Some rare and vintage Barbie dolls can reach thousands of dollars. Besides staging, research and pricing can take up a chunk of the time when setting up an estate sale.

The goal is to have many items sold on the first day, and the majority, if not all the items sold by the end of the estate sale. As an estate sale professional, reputation is everything! While many factors play a part in the reputation of an estate sale company, perception is everything. If you price too low, or even miss properly pricing valuable items, the news will travel fast.

We again reached out to our estate sale professionals and members of our private Facebook Group dedicated to estate liquidators to get an example of a few estate sale pricing discount variations:. Most of our sales are My area competition seems to follow the same pattern.

The discount methods used will vary from one company to the other and may also vary from one estate sale to the other including items within the estate. A client may also have a set amount they want for particular items and do not want them discounted no matter what.

There is an offer sheet available and reasonable offers will be considered at that time. As a professional company, these estate sale policies are established by you and only you.

The estate sale industry is not regulated by any governing body; therefore, each company will make its own policies, and adjust them accordingly in the best interest of the client, and their business.

My cashiers know what percentage they can discount without approval. We only advertise set discounts in the last couple of hours of the sale. We find we sell more throughout the sale as our customers enjoy being able to negotiate. Estate sale commissions are generally earned based on the amount sold. The more money an estate sale company makes for a client, the more money they earn themselves.

If priced right, you will have many items sold on the first day at full price, otherwise you can explain to shoppers they can come back and get a great deal on the second or final day of the sale but give you the opportunity to sell the item at its fair market value the first day.

Besides your own estate sale experiences, there are many online pricing resources specific to certain categories. Click here to view a previous article we published directing you to category specific appraisal guides. What we aim to provide in this article is a general overview of resources and common online sites used to begin using immediately for research and estate sale pricing purposes. The pricing resources listed below are free, however, there are many paid subscription websites that can give you a lot more information and details if you need.

As a professional estate liquidator, you should at least know simple facts about the items before you even begin researching and pricing it. Online resources for all these subjects are available. During your off hours, educate yourself and improve your knowledge. This will not only help you during your estate sale interview with a lead, but will also help you efficiently find an item when researching to price.

Searching Google. The link could lead to other FREE or pay-per-use sites. They do offer a free identification service and can be a great resource to find pricing. Our very own Estate Sale Company private group is a great resource with thousands of experienced estate sale professionals eager to help each other. Join our professional estate sale company group and ask others to help. It would be in your best interest to also join the various collector groups on Facebook. No one can identify an item better than an avid collector!

There are groups dedicated to Asian furniture, Chinese art, vintage and antique dolls, costume jewelry, and more. Use your judgement based on your geographical area and the condition of the item in front of you.

When in doubt, never assume! If you believe you have a valuable item, you may need to rely on a professional appraiser. You can find someone locally to partner with on a regular basis or contact an experienced appraiser by browsing the International Society of Appraisers. Using your experience, judgement, and resources such as this will help you adjust as you grow.

We offer an online platform that provides marketing opportunities for your estate sale company , visibility and traffic when you list your estate sales , an online auction that reaches avid collectors and this estate sale blog as a free information resource for you to use. We love hearing from you. Subscribe for quality content on running your estate sale or auction business, plus important industry news.

Individually priced set of blue and white porcelain. Liquidation Pricing Efficiencies Every home is different, and so are the contents inside, how does a company complete the task efficiently without sacrificing on value? A staged table of priced crystal, porcelain and glassware.

Pricing Estate Sale Items by Category While every company tries to price each item individually, this can be a daunting task if there are multiple closets full of clothes, or a large book shelf with hundreds of books. A custom branded price tag securely attached with string. Pricing Assumptions Some homes are filled with books, while others may have hundreds of dolls, or figurines. Pricing Effects on Company Reputation As an estate sale professional, reputation is everything!

Indications of Pricing Too Low If you price too low, or even miss properly pricing valuable items, the news will travel fast. Being a great estate sale liquidator requires finesse and good judgement. Discount Pricing Guide Over the course of a few days, most companies will discount the items day after day. Pricing example for a full set of Vaseline glassware. Online Pricing Resources Besides your own estate sale experiences, there are many online pricing resources specific to certain categories.

Difference between silver plated and sterling silver Is it ceramic, porcelain or stoneware? Is the painting an original oil, water color, lithograph or print? The different eras in estate jewelry Eras and styles of furniture Wood types and carvings.

Is it hand carved or machine made? Is it crystal or glass, if glass, what type of glass? TheSpruceCrafts Thesprucecrafts. Facebook Groups Our very own Estate Sale Company private group is a great resource with thousands of experienced estate sale professionals eager to help each other.

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