How to present ideas to boss

how to present ideas to boss

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Apr 18, Consider when your boss will be the most open to new ideas. This may take some more personal knowledge of your boss. Making an appointment so that you have your bosss undivided attention is also a good idea. Frame the problem, then present the solution. Oct 22, A puzzle you can customize to look like the New York Times front page on a day special to your boss, such as the day they started work, got married, or even just a day in history they love. Why your boss will love it: Theyll love putting together this puzzle and then looking at it afterward.

Try a few of these ideas to make sure your idea gets off the ground:. Is this a good solution for you or for the company? Although your boss should care about your welfare as an employee, he or she cares more about the welfare of the company as a whole. Think about how your innovation can help your boss and your company. Think about the questions your boss will ask when hearing this idea.

Start off by asking yourself these 3 questions: How much does the idea cost? How much will the idea make? What what does a tapeworm do the long-term effect of the idea? Choose your timing well. Consider when your boss will be the most open to new ideas.

This may take some more personal knowledge of your boss. Frame the problem, then present the solution. When presenting your idea, you first want to address the issue that you are trying to solve. Maybe your idea will make the company more efficient in that case, demonstrate the pitfalls of an inefficient office and the ways in which your workplace is inefficient. How does your idea fit that mission?

Present your idea in writing. Writing your idea down will help you gather your thoughts, and make it easier for your audience to keep up with you. Be brief and succinct. Be confident. If you have any doubts, your boss will be able to sense that.

The best way to obtain confidence is by thoroughly doing your research and being prepared. Ask him or her what you can improve on in your presentation.

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Your success depends on how well you can sell your boss on your idea. Think about what interests or excites your boss or what problems he finds particularly troubling. Instead, focus on the benefits to your boss, such as increased accuracy, lower costs and more detailed reports. Pull together supporting information, such as facts and figures and charts that illustrate your point.

The more evidence you present, the more difficult it will be for your boss to say no. The Harvard Business Review website suggests that you meet with key stakeholders and ask for their support and input before you approach your boss. Stakeholders can help you refine your idea and bring up issues that you had not considered.

Set up a meeting with your boss to discuss your idea. If you just mention the idea in passing, your boss might not give it the consideration it deserves. Start the presentation by mentioning the problem or favorite subject you identified. Expect objections and questions after you deliver your presentation.

In fact, asking questions and raising concerns is a sign that your supervisor is considering your idea. Prepare a list of possible questions and concerns and practice your response before the meeting. Working at a humane society allowed Jill Leviticus to combine her business management experience with her love of animals.

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