How to muay thai kick

how to muay thai kick

The Complete Guide To The Muay Thai Push Kick

Dec 05, This is a collection of fighters showing their way of throwing the Muay Thai round kick (Rear body kick). Sam-A, Orono, Samart, and others. All rights to the. Mar 18, Keys to the Muay Thai Kick Turning the Hips. The biggest mistake people make when they kick is they dont turn their hips. Without turning the Swing Your Arms. The swing of your arm is going to help you generate that force into your kick. If you tried kicking Contact Point. The .

This is a very particular set of principles still used by contemporary fighters in Thailand, but there is a sense in which the fighters of the Golden Age fought with techniques that are changing, and have changed, even in Thailand itself let alone around the world.

And even if you do, you might get contradictory correction from different trainers. There are often many techniques to be found within a single gym and Thai kids are not rigorously corrected and re-corrected over and over again until they fail to practice any mistakes. Only the high repetition, the years of development, and the presence of so much elevated technique that they can look at, copy, or lose to on a daily basis until they steal it or adapt eventually steers these boys towards great Muay Thai.

Thai kids learn from watching. So, it may be no surprise that despite my 5 years in Thailand despite training with some of the best klck in Thailand very few krus really tried to correct my kick. This left me with only one thing to do: try to speed it up. It was a big mystery for me, and honestly very frustrating. I probably ended up losing confidence in my kick, even though on pads I can completely blast it with speed and power, looseness and confidence.

In sparring timing, accuracy and not-telegraphing are all more important than power. And sparring is where you develop confidence. All that started to change this month in a series of sessions I had with Sagat, a little with Samart, and then Karuhat. In this group of incredible sessions, I finally uncovered what was wrong.

The answer is the Golden Kick as it was aptly named by a commentor on my Patreon Facebook page. As I said before, I came to this through filming my Patreon Library sessions with legends Myay and Karuhat, and a little bit with Samart, 3 of the greatest fighters who ever lived.

See what is in the Library there. But to picture him as all those things is like picturing a tiger as a really big house cat. With that, his eyes changed. His smile disappeared and suddenly he was focused, he was analyzing and solving. He had me kick a few more times and, again and again, I just tried to bring more power through more effort.

So Sagat shows me the trajectory of the kick in shadow and it comes up almost perfectly straight, then turns over at the last second. Almost like he kept facing forward and his leg just windshield-wipered over to the other side, or like the hand of a clock passing the center line. It was weird and my face divulged that assessment. I tried; better trajectory, but mine was like a little pigeon flapping its way down to a park bench. Sagat reaches his arms out and pushes me to the distance he wants me at, then does the kick in hyper-slow-motion which is still faster than most kicks in real time and I can feel his shin touch my side and then somehow push through, simultaneously crushing and throwing me sideways off the impact.

From a slow-motion kick. As fighters, Sagat is all power, all the time, but absolute economy of movement. Karuhat is a chess-master playing against himself while playing against you, just to keep himself entertained. It looks ridiculous. It looks like if you were trying to get someone to draw a figure 7 and they muat inscribing a 0, over and over again.

I laugh at his pantomime of my kick and he shows me the right way again, this kick just materializing in front of him out of nowhere. I try over and over again, and because of the way Karuhat teaches, how to muay thai kick guides me patiently toward greater and greater relaxation rather than trying harder, as I often doand occasionally the kick would come out.

My husband Kevin became fascinated with the fact that two extremely different fighters, Sagat a power wrecking ball and Karuhat a Baryshnikov of Muay both were saying the same thing. It was amazing how much all these kicks shared with each other, especially in their linear, rising trajectory. The compilation is below:. This is what he came up with you can see his original notes here :.

The Golden Kick slips in over and through the block most of the time. He put together a quick video of using the wall and it really makes clear how narrow the kick can be, and you can feel the acceleration on the end:.

This is what I love. The knowledge is out there, it exists in certain coaching trees and among certain fighters. But it is not widely or uniformly spread, and even someone who has been training in Thailand for many years might not see important parts of the kick, or other technique. This is why I share whatever I discover in Thailand, to get these conversations going. So the above is about the rising, linear trajectory of the Golden Kick, below is about how many of the Golden Age fighters and Thai fighters today put the added acceleration after the turn.

Below are a few stills from the film. To help see this standing leg action Kevin re-edited the video to show close ups of the standing leg and when possible, the foota key to generating late power after the leg has risen more or less vertically.

As mentioned, a lot of contemporary Thai kickers do use this pop of what state do apples come from foot, and some westerners do too, but what I ikck is the defining characteristic of the Golden Kick is the combination of the two. Thai kickers finds different ways of producing that late power, often howw games with timing, but the path for my own development probably resides in pursuing these two elements: straight up, and then over.

That session will be up on Patreon maybe next month. Sometime after writing this article I trained with Golden Age legend Kici, and we worked on his version of the Golden Kick. You can see between us the subtle, but really important t. Below is an influential YouTube video of the kick How to muay thai kick Rutten used. So the two kicks above give clue to a variation of the kick that is far from the Golden Kick. I do not study the Dutch kick at all, in any of its examples, but my husband did note that Ramon Dekkers who had a pretty wide kick kixk trouble landing his kick against top Uow in Thailand.

Kicking techniques have different strengths yo weaknesses, and are used in different contexts. There are simply effective and less- effective techniques, given their purpose and use. Several people said that the Golden Kick reminded them of the TKD kick, a kick that they tried to get rid of when they moved onto Muay Thai. They both rise up, umay straight up. The Golden Kick is fluid, rising and accelerating at the end.

A really gross oversimplification may be: it musy a little like the TKD kick, and kkck whips over like the Dutch kick. We in the west, for whatever reason, really like to come out of our frame when striking, but a lot of the fine technique of Thailand is about staying in your frame, and taking the most direct paths to your target.

Below is a video I shot about how to keep your elbows in frame, something I learned from Yodkhunpon and others. I used a wall as a guide, like how James does how to add new user in linux above, using a wall to keep your elbows in frame. The more I study with legends and top krus in Thailand the more I am discovering a deep emphasis on economy of movement, and keeping things in frame: hands, knees, elbows, kicks.

Everything starts from, and stays relatively close, to center. I hope this article gets some of you thinking about your kick. My advice is to watch the above film edits several times to see just how these principles hod out with some of the best fighters of all time.

Watch the rise, watch the standing leg. Use the wall to really feel how you can indeed kick with a more narrow trajectory. Maybe have a friend film you just so you can see, and feel your way through the technique.

If you appreciate this post you might really how to muay thai kick a lot out of my Muay Thai Library documentary project where I film long form sessions with fighters, krus and legends of Thailand, published with my commentary. You can also follow my Preserve The Legacy Muay Thai Technique Facebook page where I share and discuss small bits of my documentary project, photos of Golden Age fighters, post Golden Age fights with commentary, and other technical videos I discover.

Examples From The Golden Age My husband Kevin became fascinated with umay fact that two extremely different fighters, Sagat a power wrecking ball and Karuhat a Baryshnikov of Muay both were saying the same thing. The Golden Kick The Swivel Part what does it mean if your pupils are dilated So the above is about the rising, linear trajectory of the How to build a happy family essay Kick, below is about how many of the Golden Age fighters and Thai fighters today put the what is long term capital gains acceleration after the turn.

You can support this content: Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu on Patreon. Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu A lb. Ploenjit in New Jersey. I then moved to Thailand to train and fight full time in April ofdevoting myself to fighting Thai fights, as well as blogging full time.

Having surpassedand thenbecoming the westerner with the most fights in Thailand, in history, my new goal is to fight an impossible times, the historical record hkw the greatest number of documented professional fights see western boxer Len Wickwar, circaand along the way to continue documenting the Muay Thai of Thailand in the Muay Thai Library project: thaai patreon.

Subscribe to 8 Limbs Us. Preserve The Legacy Project. The Latest Posts. October 4, Muay Thai Bones Podcast ep 18 and so much more. Best Posts. Muay Thai. There is a lot of amazing content on my Patreon, which Vlog How Karuhat Reads You. Much has happened in the last weeks, some of it quite painful. This post is about my return. Gendered Experience.

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Nov 26, In a muay Thai stance, the feet are generally in the traditional degree angle also seen in Western Boxing. However the body is more upright than in Western Boxing, in order to explode up onto the ball of the foot to throw kicks. Also, unlike boxing, the weight in your stance is distributed more to the rear leg. As a Muay Thai practitioner, you should never run out of ways to strive for improvement. One of the most widely used strikes in the Art of the Eight Limbs is, of course, the low kick, also known as the leg kick. Utilized in many different ways, the low kick is a crucial strike to learn for any budding Muay Thai fighter, yet even experienced fighters will seek to improve their technique. Extend your hips, snap your kick forward and swing the arm on the same side as your kick to maximize power. Keep your chest back, chin down, and opposite arm up to protect yourself. Return to a strong stance. That usually means you should be in the same position as when you started.

As a Muay Thai practitioner, you should never run out of ways to strive for improvement. Utilized in many different ways, the low kick is a crucial strike to learn for any budding Muay Thai fighter, yet even experienced fighters will seek to improve their technique. The damage which a seasoned low kick can inflict on an opponent can vary.

It is aimed at a number of different points of the leg, including the inside, outside, and even the sciatic nerve which runs from the lower back through the buttocks and lower legs. You may have watched Muay Thai legend Buakaw Banchamek batter a banana tree with the help of some brutal low kicks. The power will come afterward. In order to throw the perfect leg kick, you must first understand how important it is to control each necessary part of your body. Not just your legs.

Study the theory behind the kick. If you are truly committed to improving your technique, read everything you can get your hands on. Watching the greats in action is easy to do. Open YouTube and look up instructional videos. With every new nugget of information, you should put it into practice. Everything from body positioning to how to best follow through a target. Low kicks are great at slowing your opponent down over the course of a fight.

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