How to make a trivial pursuit game board

how to make a trivial pursuit game board

How to Play Trivial Pursuit? Game Rules

Apr 19,  · DIY Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit Tutorial. Step 1: Find a Game to Use. You will need to purchase a Trivial Pursuit game (it can be used or new). It needs to have a square board, a die, 6 Step 2: Buy Supplies. Step 3: Print Items. Step 4: Cut Out Your Items. Step 5: Attach Board & Box Lid. Apr 28,  · Why Make Your Own Trivial Pursuit Cards? There are a lot of reasons to make your own Trivial Pursuit cards. You could make one that is family orientated - a category for family vacation memories, a category for household rules, a category for family favorite dinners, etc. You could even make a category for each member of your family.

If you were disappointed by the lack of a game board or pieces, then consider creating a game board to go with your game! I am sharing with you the printables I created to make my own game board, box lid, and instructions as well as the step-by-step instructions for putting it together.

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As Amazon Associates we earn from qualifying purchases. Although you can follow my tutorial and use my free printables to make your own game board, box lid, and instructions, you can also save time and purchase the full size version on Amazon or eBay. If you already bought the Quickplay version though, making your own game board might make more sense than spending the money to buy the full version.

You may only use my templates for personal use. None of the items in this post or in the resource library can be sold or redistributed for money. You will need to purchase a Trivial Pursuit game it can be used or new.

Older versions of the game may have different color tokens and wedges than the Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit Quickplay game. If you want the colors on the board to match the cards, then you will need to find a game with the following colors:.

My game has the color brown instead of purple, so it will not match exactly. You are welcome to buy a brand new game off how to use ab roller wheel Amazon or eBaybut you can also find used games at garage sales and thrift stores. This game does not require a lot of supplies since you already have the cards from the Quickplay game.

These are the things we used in making our game. This game will not require a whole lot of printing. What mental disorder causes compulsive lying just need to print the instructions, game board, and box lid cover. The instructions will be easy to print at home, but the game board and box lid will be trickier. If you want to make your game look nicer, printing on a poster printer is a great option.

Many office supply stores and print shops will be able to do this for you. I printed mine on a poster printer. If you do not want to spend that kind of money, you can print the game board and box lid in pieces on your home printer. You will have to piece them together, but it will save you a lot of money. If you already signed up, go ahead and access them in the resource library!

The instructions can be printed on white computer paper or card stock. I printed mine double-sided because there are two pages of instructions. The paper just needs to be 8. The only part that is in color is the Trivial Pursuit logo. The game board is It should completely cover the game board when attached. Since the game board is square, you should be able to easily resize it if you have a different sized game board.

I printed my game board on thick poster paper to make how to thread double needle on a sewing machine more durable. If you print it in sections at home, I would suggest a paper thicker than normal computer paper. My box was printed on regular poster paper thinner than the game board.

If you print it at home, I would NOT suggest using card stock because it will not bend over the sides of your box very well. The instructions do not have to be cut out at all. If you are printing the game board and box lid yourself, you may have to cut off some of the white space. It really depends on how they are printed out. A rotary cutter and a cutting mat are good tools for cutting out a poster. If you have a game board that just folds in half, then you will not need to cut the board at all.

For boards that fold up into four pieces, you will need to cut your board in half before attaching it. For every board game I how to interview the interviewer, I like to use Scotch Photo Mount spray to attach the printed game board and box lid cover. You will want to spray the adhesive in a well-ventilated area.

If you can do it outside, that would be best. You should place something underneath what is a goniometer used for game board and box lid in order to protect your surface from the adhesive spray.

For the game board, you should carefully center the paper on the game board. Make sure you press the middle of the paper into the game board crease. I used a brayer to roll out any air bubbles and to prevent wrinkles. It is easier to have a second person helping you especially when attaching the box lid. For the box lid, you need to cut the corners out of the paper and create slits at each end in order to fold the paper over the box lid sides.

It is harder to attach the box lid than the game board. You should just try your best to line up the paper on the box lid. I like to use Krylon protective spray because it actually works.

I have tested its ability to protect from water damage and it works. After you have attached your game board and box lid, you can place them on a covered surface in a well-ventilated area. Follow the directions on the protective spray. I like to have it sit out over night before using it. After you have printed everything and attached and protected the board and box, your game is complete.

If you already signed up, access them in the resource library. The printables I created do not come with question cards since I made them to go with my quickplay version. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Print. Overlooked Ways to Save Money on Services. Can I somehow get the question cards? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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Jul 21, - I'll bet you reached this page on family game night, or while researching games that you want to make for your classroom. Maybe you searched for "How to Make Your Own Trivial Pursuit Game." That's how I started when I created an easy way to make my. Jan 26,  · Setting up Trivial Pursuit is quite simple. First, place each colored deck of cards in the appropriate cardholder. Under normal Trivial Pursuit rules there can be between 2 and 6 players. However, some people do play Trivial Pursuit in teams as well. Oct 23,  · HOW TO PLAY TRIVIAL PURSUIT – STEP BY STEP. Time Needed: Approximately 90 – minutes. This is a step by step guide for how to play Trivial Pursuit HOW TO PLAY TRIVIAL PURSUIT – KEY INFORMATION. HOW TO PLAY TRIVIAL PURSUIT – IN CLOSING.

I recently introduced my nine-year-old daughter to the joys of Trivial Pursuit. She immediately loved the idea and the method of gameplay, but most of the questions were either too difficult for her or out of date. So we had a bright idea—we would make our own trivia game!

And now, if you follow our process, you can, too. I have described methods here for both Trivial Pursuit-style games and single-path trivia board games. You can try one or both, and adapt my suggestions to your needs. If you think of a better process for any part, please tell me in the comments! Organizing your game around a single theme makes deciding on questions much easier. Being huge Harry Potter fans, the theme of our trivia game was obvious without any discussion.

However, there are a lot of other themes that you could choose from that are not well represented in current mainstream trivia games. Make sure to choose a theme that your friends will be interested in and know at least some answers for; it's no fun to play a party game by yourself! This is the hardest part. You'll need a lot of questions to make the game any fun you don't want to go through all the questions in every game!

If you're going to use Trivial Pursuit as a model, figure on at least questions, broken down equally among six categories. The real Trivial Pursuit game uses about , but that's clearly beyond reach! A single-path game could use about half that number, with just one question per card rather than six. This is the table we set up for our trivia cards. Trivial Pursuit-style cards would look quite different, with six questions on the front and the answers on the back.

There are two methods for making the question cards: one is to simply write them by hand on index cards as you think of them; the other method is to type them into a spreadsheet or table on the computer.

If you do them on the computer, you can set up a mail merge to print them onto sheets of perforated business cards or index cards when you're done. Your fields would be "question" and "answer" rather than "name" and "address. For our game prototype, we decided to make a table of approximately index card size spaces.

We put the question on top and the answer on the bottom, both in 20 point font for easy reading this involved a fair amount of copying and pasting from another Word file, but we were impatient to get started playing, and it was the most straightforward way.

First, take white model magic and rip it into small lumps one lump per game piece. Pre-colored model magic is also available. If you're modeling your game after Trivial Pursuit, it will be easiest to just "borrow" the round game pieces and the little pie slices that fit inside from a game you already own. To make your own pieces for a single-path game, first, do some brainstorming.

How many people can play at once? Do you want each piece to simply be a different color? Or do you want each piece to represent something that has to do with the theme of your game?

Since our game has a Harry Potter theme and is designed for up to six people to play together, we chose six meaningful items and made miniatures of them. Our game pieces represent:. We decided to make our game pieces from Model Magic, but you could also use Play-doh or Sculpey, depending on what craft supplies you have in your house.

Sculpey needs to be baked, but is perfect for very detailed game pieces, because it can be carved or painted after baking. Be sure to fashion a flat bottom for each piece so it can stand up on the game board! Get your craft supplies ready. We used a piece of cardboard box, some large white paper, scissors, and a pencil. Once again, if you're modeling your game after Trivial Pursuit, you can simply use their game board. Another option is to trace their board onto a piece of cardboard, and either draw new images in each square or cut them out from magazines or printed from the Internet and glue them on.

You can do this for a single-path game by appropriating a board from a game you no longer use, like Monopoly, and personalizing it. Simply glue paper over the existing spaces and add your own instructions. Don't forget to test your game and write down the rules before you bring it out at a party. Our rules are as follows:. Those are fairly standard rules, but you can think of a different way to choose the first player, or make a person move backwards if he gets the answer to a trivia question wrong.

It's your game, so have fun making up the rules! Just be careful to keep a record of them, so the scoring can be fair to everyone. Answer: I did not use an app; I wrote the questions for a trivia game myself.

If you know a book very well, it is easy to flip through and find slightly obscure topics to create trivia questions from. I love the idea!!!

How did it take you to write questions for your game? Also, where did you get all that information? Thanks, FatBoyThin.

It's not only pretty simple, it is also great fun to do together with your child. Great idea — my son actually mentioned this to me a while ago to try and come up with our own original game and I have to admit that I thought it would be too difficult, but your Hub spells everything out.

Great work, voted up. Clevercat, making your own trivia game is very rewarding. Not least of all because of the fact that when you play it, you already know the answers--ha! Let me know if you try it, and what subject you use for your game. I love making my own games and this is a wonderful idea! I especially like how we can tailor the questions to our own interests. Voted up and others. Thanks, Glimmer!

It has really been a great bonding experience for us, and even my 6-year-old son wanted to get in on the action. A perfect activity for cold days when you need to stay snuggled up indoors. This is an awesome idea! My 9 year old would love to do this. Especially in the upcoming dreary winter months. Party Games. Drinking Games. Lawn Games. Creative Writing.

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