How to keep your private parts clean and smelling good

how to keep your private parts clean and smelling good

How to Keep your Vagina Clean and Smelling Good

Jan 09,  · The best way to keep your private parts smelling OK is to take regular showers or baths, wash the outside of your vulva or penis with warm water and a little soap, and wear clean, dry underwear. Other than that, there’s no need to use douches or special washes. I have an odor around my private parts. How do I get rid.

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To make your vagina smell good, make sure to wash regularly to keep the area clean and get rid of any bacteria. Try to find fragrance-free soaps to avoid any skin irritation provate bad odor. You should also avoid using lubricants or other products that are not water or silicone based, since this can lead to what kind of shoes to wear snowshoeing. Think about your diet, too, since eating too much sugar can lead to bacterial infections.

If you want to smell particularly good, try adding a dab of perfume, like sandalwood or vanilla, to your inner thighs. For more tips, including how to recognize the signs of STIs, read on! Did this summary help you?

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Download Article Explore this Article methods. Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Article Summary. Method 1 of Wash regularly. You need to shower and wash yourself regularly to smell good! For most women, a good guideline is to gently wash the area around the vagina every day. Use the correct soaps. Your vagina is very sensitive. Using the wrong types of soap can cause irritation and bad odor.

Avoid soaps which yokr heavily perfumed, contain too many unnatural ingredients, smelllng have antibacterial properties. Instead, use natural soaps which are labeled as being fragrance-free. The only time you should douche wash out your vagina is if your doctor tells you to.

The only cleaning that you will need to do will be with basic soap and water on the outside of your body. Wipe carefully. Incorrect wiping after using the toilet can lead to infections. Wipe in the correct direction front to back and be sure that you are thorough. It is easy to miss the vaginal area and this can leave residue which leads to infections or overgrowth of bacteria.

Use products carefully. Be careful about the products patts you use around your vagina. This includes lotions. Wear clean, fresh, correctly fitting underwear.

This is a very important part of keeping your vagina clean and healthy. Wearing the same set of underwear for more than 24 hours may quickly create an imbalance of bacteria. Your underwear needs to breathe, since an overly moist environment will cause bacterial buildup.

Cotton is best. Make sure you do laundry, it can get messy! Method 2 of Use perfume. Yes, what does sensual love mean perfume too close to your vagina is a bad idea. However, putting a dab of perfume on the inside of each of your thighs, roughly six inches from the vulva area, is a time-honored way to smell amazing when anyone puts their head down there. You partner will associate musky smells with sex since this is the type of smell you have naturally so try to get a perfume which is generally musky.

Watch your diet. Your diet can greatly affect your taste and smell. Much like how if you eat a lot of garlic, your skin excretes a garlic smell for several days, oyur can eat or not eat certain foods how to burn a playlist from ipod to cd produce a better smell and taste in your vagina.

A spike in blood sugar can cause yeast infections and buildup, which will cause bad glod. Method 3 of wmelling Watch out for infections and diseases. These are the major causes of serious vaginal odor. Examples of such infections and diseases include yeast and bacterial infections the most common causesSTIs, STDs, or viruses like herpes.

Even much more serious problems like some kinds of cancer or internal s,elling can cause vaginal odor. You will need to monitor your body for other signs of illness and if you really feel that your vaginal odor is unnatural, see your doctor.

Brown, green, or chunky white discharges are signs of infection and you should go see your doctor as soon as possible. Just remember that some discharge is normal and healthy but it should not smell. Be aware that certain sexual practices cause vaginal odor. Any introduction of foreign bacteria can upset the delicate balance in your vagina and so sexual practices can have an effect. Certain practices in particular can set off a reaction, namely anal sex before vaginal sex, oral sex, and the use of objects or food as penetrative methods.

If you wish to engage in these practices, use protection like a condom and change it in between activities. Check for foreign objects. Foreign objects lodged in the vagina will cause your body's immune response to react and try to attack the object. This can cause bad odor as well. Tampons that have been forgotten or left in for too long, pieces of a broken condom, or objects used in sexual play are examples of such patrs for odor.

Be careful to practice proper hygiene. Improper hygiene can lead to a buildup of bacteria around your vagina and vulva. This will cause odor, though it may not necessarily cause an infection. If you want to reduce odor, keep yourself and your clothing clean. Loose clothing can prevent smell too.

Avoid hot baths and hot tubs. Try using conditioner, it's less painful and you come out with smooth results. Not Helpful 16 Helpful You should contact your doctor for professional medical advice if you have noticed a change, or if the discharge smells bad.

They will be able to provide treatments for you if there is how to french press coffee maker problem. Not Helpful 26 Helpful Is it okay to have white or clear come out from down there with just a little scent to it?

Not Helpful 27 Helpful Dove is a great soap to use, as it doesn't contain fragrance and perfumes as other soaps do. Not Helpful 44 Helpful Cotton underwear is best. They are more absorbent and can absorb all the discharge. Not Helpful 11 Helpful The more youf fruits work best. Pineaple and oranges work. Not Helpful 56 Helpful What should I do about brown discharge? It doesn't have a smell, so I haven't been worried.

What Causes Of Vaginal Odor?

Vaginal odor is a very common problem that affects women and teenage girls who have reached puberty. We have also compiled 22 of the best home remedies that can help you get rid of this rather personal worry in the comfort your home. The mucus membrane of the vagina, uterus, and cervix produces a clear or whitish fluid, and this is called as vaginal discharge 1. Its consistency and color depend on where you are on your monthly menstrual cycle. This discharge is usually odorless or may have a faint odor.

It provides lubrication, protects against irritation and infection, and keeps the vagina healthy 2 , 3. However, abnormal vaginal discharge that has a foul odor may be a cause for concern.

The symptoms of the feminine odor coming from your private parts vary among women 5. The most common symptoms are:. The following are the usual causes of various types of vaginal odor 6 :. Apart from the causes mentioned above, certain serious diseases can also be responsible for abnormal vaginal discharge and disgusting smell.

These include cancer of the cervix or vagina. However, these conditions will be accompanied by pain and even vaginal bleeding. To get rid of vaginal odor, all you need are some natural items that you can find right at your home. Here are the fastest and safest DIY remedies with which you can easily reduce and eliminate vaginal odor. To get rid of odors, use natural tea tree oil diluted in water as a vaginal wash. Mix three to four drops of tea tree oil in water and use this to rinse the vaginal area.

You can also mix drops of tea tree oil in a small amount of olive oil and dip a tampon in the mixture and insert the tampon. Leave it in for an hour. Wash with the tea tree oil water daily or several times a week.

Tea tree oil is both antibacterial and antifungal, and thus will curb the infection while fighting the odor 7. Always do a test patch on your forearm as tea tree oil might not suit everybody. Back To TOC. If you thought baking soda finds its use only in cakes and bread recipes, you are wrong. You will be surprised to see how this tested method helps you to get rid of vaginal odor quickly. Add baking soda to your bath and soak your lower body in it for minutes.

You can also mix a tablespoon of baking soda in 2 cups of water and use it as a vaginal douche. The vaginal odor intensifies when the pH level of the body goes awry.

Baking soda helps bring your pH levels back to normal, thus controlling the excess of bacteria and fungi. This treats the infection and eliminates the vaginal odor instantly.

You can also use baking soda water as a vaginal wash 8. The high sugar and high enzyme content ofpineapples improves the odor of your vaginal secretions. Hydrogen peroxide is a multipurpose chemical that can be used to treat bacterial vaginosis and remove bad vaginal odor. It is one of the most effective feminine odor remedies.

Mix equal parts of hydrogen peroxide and water. Dip a tampon in this mixture and quickly insert it into the vagina. Leave it in for not more than 30 minutes. The natural disinfecting properties of hydrogen peroxide kill the bad bacteria in the vagina. This leads to an increase in the number of the good bacteria that are naturally present there. Many studies have been conducted, and they all prove the infection-treating capabilities of hydrogen peroxide 9 , Rose hips are the seeds of the rose plant, and they contain high levels of vitamin C.

Rose hips, by themselves, or in combination with a vitamin C tablet can be used to get rid of vaginal odor. Crush the vitamin C tablet and mix with half a teaspoon of rose hip powder in 2 ounces of water. Dip a tampon into the mixture and insert into the vagina. Leave in place for 1 hour. Vitamin C is an immunity booster and helps remove harmful toxins from the body.

The tablet, when used in combination with rose hips, has an acidic pH and is an effective and safe method to treat bacterial vaginosis, one of the major causes of foul odor in the vagina area An efficacy study conducted in also showed that using vitamin C tablets for six days a month for six months can reduce the recurrence of this infection by half Who knew betel leaves paan could be used to cure a smelly discharge problem?

Read on to find out how. Tear the leaves into small pieces and boil them. Simmer for about 10 minutes.

Cool the decoction until it reaches lukewarm temperature. Dip the tampon in this liquid and insert it into the vagina. Keep it there for 15 minutes. Remove and discard. Repeat this daily for one week. You could also drink this decoction twice a day or use the water as a vaginal wash. The extract of betel leaves is used in ointments for its antibacterial properties.

It also acts as an astringent Vinegar, especially ACV, is yet another potent remedy that is foolproof when it comes to fighting vaginal odor. Soak in vinegar water once daily till the foul smell discharge is treated. Drink vinegar water twice daily. Douche every two days for 2 weeks. Vinegar gets rid of the toxins that cause the fishy vaginal odor. It is acidic in nature and is loaded with antibacterial properties that will help kill the odor-causing germs Rarely, a person may be allergic to vinegar.

Step into the bathtub lightly, and if you experience a burning sensation, step out immediately and wash the area. Many may question the potency of garlic in treating odor, but thanks to its own pungent smell, it works amazingly.

Believe us when we say that this is certainly one of the best-known home remedies to kill overpowering vaginal odor. Peel the fresh garlic clove, and wrap it in a 6-inch square of cheesecloth. Attach a small string to it. Insert it into the vagina and leave it there overnight.

Remove it in the morning with the help of the string. Do it once overnight. The pungent vaginal odor should be gone by the morning. You can repeat if the infection and the bad odor is still there. Garlic has been used since ancient times to treat infections. Various studies have proved that it has antibacterial activity against a wide range of bacteria 15 , Do you remember reading about chlorophyll that plants use to make their own food with the use of sunlight and water?

Yes, that very chlorophyll can work wonders in reducing the vaginal smell. Drink one tablespoon of chlorophyll diluted with 8 oz of water, and you may never have to visit the doctor to get rid of vaginal odor. You can take one tablet in the night and one in the morning if you cannot find the liquid version in the pharmacy. Liquid chlorophyll works as a good deodorant and helps reduce the strong and unpleasant odor It is easily available with most pharmacists.

Yogurt might not be your favorite food, but it can help diminish and reduce vaginal odor considerably. Simply have two cups of unsweetened yogurt a day, preferably with meals, to restore the normal pH of the vagina. You can also insert yogurt into the vagina. Dip the tampon in the yogurt and gently insert it into your vagina. Let it be there for an hour or two. Remove and rinse the area. Additionally, if you suffer from a very strong vaginal odor, you can also dip cotton pads in the yogurt and gently rub them on the vagina.

You can repeat the cotton pads method three to four times a day. The tampon method will help you to eliminate the vaginal odor overnight. A strong vaginal odor can be an indication of a yeast infection.

The good probiotic bacteria in yogurt can help fight the infection and reduce the odor as well. The acidic nature of yogurt helps bring the vaginal pH back to normal, and the lactobacillus bacteria present in it will help treat the infection. This is a natural and effective method to remove the fishy smell from your vagina 18 , An alkaline vaginal pH leads to bacterial growth and foul smell.

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