How to get 100 in kirby super star ultra

how to get 100 in kirby super star ultra

Kirby Super Star Ultra – Cheats

The least obvious one is Copy. There's a flashing star on the map screen near the 3rd and 4th stage. Enter it. Beat Revenge of the King. Secret rooms not required. Beat Meta Knightmare Ultra. For Kirby Super Star Ultra on the DS, a GameFAQs Q&A question titled "How do you get % Completion?".

Kirby Super Star. All rights reserved. Updates II. Intro and Notes III. Basic Concept IV. Locations of All Treasures V. There were some how to get 100 in kirby super star ultra errors, yes, so those have been rectified, and I've also added my e-mail address to the Intro and Notes section. So carry on about your normal business and pay the minor additions no mind.

I have this section in every single one of my walkthroughs because there's usually something about it that might cause confusion if I don't bother to explain it. Look for anything in the FAQ first before contacting me. E-mail there for any information relating to the game, suggestions, complaints, requests, or tips you have that are relevant and can be added to this document.

I always answer my mail, and I never have a lot to answer anyway, so show me the e-mail! This is all a big treasure hunt, nothing more, nothing less. There are bosses who how to make bbq sauce with ketchup and vinegar occasionally attempt to stop you, and you will have to beat them to continue. If you want to swallow an object or monster that you inhaled, press Down on the D-pad. Some are harder to get than others and will require longer explanations.

Pay close attention so that you don't get overly confused. The Gold Medal is just over the cliff in front of you. The top block will break away to reveal a door. Go in the door and swim to the bottom. When you open the chest, the Gold Coin will go in your inventory. You will see three bomb blocks. Only destroy the first and third blocks - the second will create a wall of lava and you will have to go in a door and then return to this area to get rid of it.

If you successfully cleared a path to the Whip, go in the hole and break the blocks. The Fighter's power will help you achieve this faster. If you have the Fighter power, get rid of it so you can have a friend's assistance.

Swallow a bird and get the Wing power. Climb down the ladder and open the first door. In this chamber with the two buttons, have your friend stand on the one to the right while you open the door to the left and go through it.

Summon him back once you are through both doors, then have your ally stand on the button below the next ladder. Go through the open door and then the next one. The Crystal Ball is in the chest. If you get stuck anywhere along the way, go in one of the doors available to restart. When you get out onto the first plateau, break the star blocks with your head and get the Lucky Cat what is a predisposition report the treasure chest above.

Do not break the middle one - you will need it to get the treasure. Go up and to the left and use either the Beam or Fighter power to break those bricks that are holding the sword. Backtrack and collect the treasure before the brick breaks and it falls in the lava.

To the right of the Seiryu Sword, duck down to where the bomb block is and shoot it with the normal Beam attack. This will lead you to the Screw Ball. Use either the Beam or Fighter ability to break more of them and find the Echigo Candy all the way to the right. You can save your progress in the room below where you obtain the Echigo Candy. Then go back to where you found the off-white bear enemy.

Break the star blocks to the right of him with Beam and then eliminate the wall by using it on the ugly-face gray stone. Backtrack and go past where the wall once was.

Get the Cutter power from the Poppy Brother with the boomerang and go to the right and up. The Zebra Mask should be there. Hit the bomb block to clear a path to the next room. Up the ladder to the left you'll see a cannon. Shoot straight up to make it into a small cell with the Star Stone, some meat, and a soda pop. Kill the Cutter and Mirror enemies and find the spiky guys guarding the treasure chest.

Eradicate the star block from a distance and obtain the Beast's Fang when it's safe. Blow them up to get the Bandanna. If you have an ability, make sure the Copy monsters don't steal it.

This is hard, considering they're everywhere in this area. Use either Cutter or Sword which you can get in the next room to cut the rope. You will find the chest holding Springtime, which is just a simple pink heart, in here along with a valuable 1-up. There is a room that allows you to configure yourself in this way.

What is a usb wireless network adapter Mirror when he slowly approaches you and spouts water out of his blowhole, but use discretion and run away when you are about to get hit.

Don't try to use the Mirror trick where you duplicate yourself and hit the enemy - too risky. Float away whenever he does anything except move forward and spout water, and try not to let stones fall on you. Your ally can do a good job of protecting you from plummeting boulders, and if he is dying and one falls on him, he will turn into the Stone monster!

Which is practically useless, but oh well! It will take loads of perserverance to beat the whale - unfortunately, you do not have many lives with which to do so.

In the next room, ride the mining cart along the track and drop down to the room below. Swim down past the door in the middle and open the chest to get the Dime. Then, from the save point, go in the room to the lower left and hit the pink button. This will create a waterfall with a pond below.

Swim down and to the left to get the goblet. Swim all the way down how to wear an infinity scarf you get the Goblet and you'll notice a pink switch. Very how to make pastry dough for patties, hit the switch and swim like the wind to get the Saucepan before it falls in the pit.

It isn't a far swim, and it's actually rather easy to catch - you just need to have quick thumbs. Get rid of whatever ability you have and swallow the Crash monster.

Use Crash in front of the door to open it. You will then be able to obtain the Brass Knuckle. Avoid the Crash and Bomb monsters. Struggle against the current in this area and go in the door. The Fish Fossil is the one to the left. You can't go through that narrow tunnel above your head, so go to the right and prepare to fight the Poppy Brother. Use whatever power you have to eliminate him.

Once he's dead, the Nunchuks chest will fall from the ceiling. You will now have made a full circle through this area. Go in the door. This would be a good time to save and refill your health with a tomato. Drop to the low level after the save point and go in the middle door. Swim up and get the Yo-yo ability - it will prove invaluable to you here. Kill the Cutter enemy so that he's not harassing you, then swim to the left and to the right. Paddle upward in the narrow space ahead until you reach the box with the Bucket.

This will make a current that sends you up. Kill the Yo-yo monster and watch out for the Jet foe - if he charges into you at full speed, you'll lose your ability and have to chase it down.

Below, you will have to hitch a ride on some moving platforms. Get the Tomato to the right of the first set, then board the left one in the third set and destroy the blocks with Yo-yo quickly. This will lead to Summertime, which looks exactly like Springtime except that it is green instead of pink. Well, to get it, swim down after you get Summertime and let yourself flow with the current. Stay low, except to maneuver over the urchins.

When you float in front of the chest, press Up to open it. Go in the third door and kill the Cutter. Float up as fast as you can to avoid having your power stolen by the Copy monster. Hit the pink switch and carefully guide Kirby to the left to get the Ancient Gem. Blast through the wall however you can to obtain the Falcon Helmet.

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Oct 19,  · No, you only need to beat Helper to Hero with one helper to get %. I'm not exactly sure what you are missing, but if you are at 97% it could be that you beat the Great Cave Offensive once. Sep 03,  · To reach % completion in Kirby Super Star Ultra, all the main games must be completed, with both secret areas unlocked in Dyna Blade, all 60 Treasures collected in The Great Cave Offensive, and all 19 Copy Essence Deluxe pedestals collected in Milky Way Wishes. From there, The Arena and The True Arena must also be completed. This is the way I got to %. To Get %. - Clear Spring Breeze. - Clear Dyna Blade (including the secret "Power Areas") - Clear The Great Cave Offensive (gather all sixty treasures and escape) -.

Kirby Super Star Ultra is an enhanced remake of Kirby Super Star , and features revamped content from the original game. Gourmet Race can now be played with two players the second player is Yellow Kirby. Conversely, Megaton Punch can no longer be played in 2P mode. In most cases, two copies of the game are required for two systems to be able to play together, making this version less convenient for multiplayer than the SNES original.

Furthermore, the player who does not have a copy of the game will only receive an application that allows their Nintendo DS to be used as a second controller on the other player's system; it will not display the game screen. Thus, in this arrangement, the second player is required to look over the shoulder of the first player at their own Nintendo DS screen. King Dedede wants revenge on Kirby for beating him back in Spring Breeze. The game is a recreation of the Extra Mode in the original Kirby's Dream Land , although abbreviated similar to the Spring Breeze sub-game , a new stage Mt.

Dedede Sky , with a different final stage ending with a fight against King Dedede with a mask and a metal hammer. Meta Knight behaves as a modified version of the Sword ability, with notable differences being his Down Thrust making him fall straight down at increased speed and not rebounding, having an Up Trust, having wings that behave like Hover Flap, and having minor changes that allow him to solve all of the game's puzzles; he also possesses special moves that the player can use by tapping them on the touch screen.

The game records the player's best time for the run of each game in Meta Knightmare Ultra. The game has various changes to some modes, such as blocking access to some rooms, collectibles being replaced with food, and a different plot. At the end, Meta Knight wishes to Nova to fight the greatest warrior in the galaxy. Beating it with all helpers will unlock a cutscene showing the original cutscenes from Kirby Super Star. Unlike in Kirby Super Star , they can no longer be played in 2P mode. Based on games played with Japanese playing cards, this reaction-testing sub-game resembles a more complex four-player version of Samurai Kirby.

On the touch screen, several cards will be revealed to the player and the goal is to be the first one to tap the matching card that shows up on the top screen. A player will get disqualified if they tap before the card is shown. A cowboy-themed, fast-paced shooter sub-game where Kirbys need to take out as many targets as they can for points. Each player has eight rounds of ammo before running out, but the players can reload by tapping the bottom of the screen.

Bombers will appear, which players need to avoid because they give negative points when shot. A frantic sub-game where Kirbys sit at the bottom of a conveyor belt and try to eat as many food items as they can.

The items will start moving down from the top screen, so players can look ahead to see what's coming next. Bombs can be tossed around, as tapping them will knock them into another Kirby's lane. Capillers and rocks will also come up, but because Kirby doesn't seem to digest those very well, the players need to quickly tap them to get them out of the way before they reach Kirby's mouth.

Halfway through the game, the lanes will also change to keep Kirbys on their toes. Frosty Mr. Kirby Super Star Ultra has received mostly positive reviews, but many reviewers noted that the game wasn't very difficult.

IGN's Craig Harris gave it a 7. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Play Sound. Among these new games were stylus-controlled minigames. Many of this title's games allowed several players to play together. Beating certain games unlocked special bonus content, including a hilarious blooper reel! Warp Star. Kirby inhale.

Waddle Doo. Knuckle Joe. Waddle Dee. Parasol Waddle Dee. UmeGn3YoJI4 px 0 1 0 iframe. Categories :. Universal Conquest Wiki. This remake of the beloved Kirby title Kirby Super Star included the original games with updated graphics, a new storyline, and several new games. Super Smash Bros.

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