How to drop pictures on shutterfly

how to drop pictures on shutterfly

DropBox Photos to Shutterfly

Click the album you want to move or copy photos from. Turn on the checkboxes under each shot you want to move or copy. At the left of the screen, click “Organize pictures.” Click “Move pictures” or “Copy pictures.” Choose an existing album from the drop-down menu. Jan 28,  · Log in to your Shutterfly account. On the top right of your screen, select My Photos. Click the Upload button on the top right corner of your screen, or drag and drop photos to upload. Once your images have uploaded, a notification will appear on the bottom with an option to add to an album or view all uploaded images.

Whereas a physical hard drive can fail, our photo storage service will keep your photos safe and secure. Best of all, when your photos are backed up with Shutterfly, you can access them from any device anytime when you want to look back on your memories or use them to create one-of-a-kind personalized products. From photos you take daily on your phone to the old pictures saved on your desktop computer, Shutterfly will store them all so you can download or share them at any time.

And with the automatic upload feature, we gather your photos from every device so you can create backups and what color is sandy hook elementary school each image without even thinking about it.

You can upload an unlimited number of photos for free, so you can watch your online photo library grow as you make more memories and take more pictures.

Whether you use our online photo storage service just to save all of your pictures or to create unique giftscustom greeting cardsor personalized home decor items, your images will be stored for as long as you decide. From your smartphone and desktop computer to social media applications like Facebook and Instagram, you can store your photos online using whichever option works best for you.

Our photo storage service is free, allows unlimited uploads, and we will never delete your photos. Instead of downloading your images how to get out of silverleaf resorts an external hard drive or deleting photos to create room on your devices, you can store as many photos as you want so you can save your most cherished memories forever.

Keep reading to find the best way to back up photos online from each of your devices. Is your computer hard drive filled with old photos?

Save photo storage from your desktop computer and back up your photos with Shutterfly. To store all of those incredible moments in one place, back up your photos from your smartphone to your Shutterfly account. Our free and unlimited photo storage service supports almost all mobile devices, including iPhone, Samsung, Pixel, and more.

Social media is an incredible way to share photos and wonderful moments with family and friends. Photographs are a wonderful way to treasure all of your most special memories. Our unlimited photo storage service makes it easy for you to upload, save, and organize your photos for free.

Shutterfly Community is here to help capture and share life's most important moments. Discover thoughtful gifts, creative how to drop pictures on shutterfly and endless inspiration to create meaningful memories with family and friends. Visit their Website. You can follow on Instagram and Pinterest. Shop Trending Categories.

Sympathy Gifts. Wedding Planning. Download Our App. Start Uploading. Explore Categories. Graduation Announcements. Graduation Invitations. Photo Books.

How do I upload multiple photos to Shutterfly?

Aug 14,  · View a picture on a Shutterfly Share Site; click the thumbnail to view the full-size image. Hover the full-size image to see a drop-down menu, shown below. Click the "Download picture" option in the drop-down menu. You will be prompted to sign into your Shutterfly account if you are not already. Feb 01,  · the answer is under Shutterfly's Help Center page, which states: "Updated 02/01/ AM - Shutterfly currently does not support file storage services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or FTP, and does not have plans to do so in the future. Please see our list of upload methods available to add photos to your account.". To use it just install the extension, navigate to, go to your photos and choose Upload. When you go to Select Files/Folder it will create a popup allowing you to choose files from your Local Computer, Google Drive/Picasa, or Dropbox.

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Search and Tag: My Photos. How do I search for photos in my account? Using the tags you've created, in addition to the tags we create for you using metadata and other information , you can search for a specific photo or photos. Just click on the Search bar magnifying glass in the top center of your account to search for one or more People, Places, or Tags.

As you make your selections, you'll see the options change to reflect photos available to you given your criteria. We like to think of search as the "needle in the haystack" feature. You can also view by photos only, videos only, or favorited hearted images. Use the same Search bar, then at the top left you'll see the icons for "Photos", "Videos" and "Favorites" under "Show Only".

From your Shutterfly Photos account main page, you can also sort by "Date Taken" or "Date Uploaded" to easily find your most recent uploads. Please note that after logging out and then back into your account, we will default to "Date Taken".

How do I tag people? If you've already assigned a name to a face and upload additional photos of that person, we will automatically add that face tag to that set. On occasion, we'll create a new set for a person you've already assigned - if this happens just drag and drop the new set to the named set. In addition, you can click-and-drag to a suggested relationship along the top to further define your tags.

If you notice some faces not being suggested for tagging, sometimes that means we don't have enough photos of that person to recognize them right away. We recommend adding more photos of that face so our system can learn from your uploads. You can also manually tag any photo by double-clicking on a photo to view it in Full View, then click on the People icon at the bottom which will allow you to tag faces. Click on a face to name it. You can then continue to tag more faces in other photos by clicking on the left or right arrows.

You can disable the facial recognition tool while in "My Photos". Click the arrow next to your name and select "My Photos Settings". Click on "Image Preferences" under the "Account" tab. When you disable this feature it removes all current people tags and prevents future tags and groupings. How do I add locations to photos and videos? Some cameras and smartphones have GPS embedded, in which case, Shutterfly will retain this data and tag your photos and videos for you.

However, you can also manually add your own locations. To do this, select a single photo or a group of photos or videos. You can also use "Shift-Select" to select many at once. Now that you have the item s selected, click the tag icon in the top black action bar, and then type your location and save. This will help you search for your photos more quickly and easily! Where can I see all of my tags?

We like to think of the magnifying glass as the "needle in the haystack" feature. Alternatively, if you just want to see all the tags you've created, you can click the People tab, then from that dropdown, choose "Tags" - this view simply shows you the Tag name and total number of photos or videos associated with a particular tag. You can also change the tag name here. Click a photo to view it in Full View, then click on the info icon on the right "i".

Here you can see the date, location, album tags, people, captions, upload source, and EXIF data for the photo or video. You can also change tags in this view by clicking on the appropriate fields. Live chat: Get Support. Corporate Shutterfly, Inc. Stay Connected. Our brands:. All rights reserved. Our Brands. Download Shutterfly app Shutterfly, Inc. Sign in.

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