How to blow dry a bob yourself

how to blow dry a bob yourself

3 Easy Steps to a Perfect Home Blow-Dry

Jun 23, †Ј Instructions on how to blow dry a bob haircut in around 3 minutes using the head wrap technique - find out more here Oct 15, †Ј Tutorial on how to blow dry a bob correctly. Tutorial on how to blow dry a bob correctly.

Wow, impressive. I mean, my hair does get dry but not quite in bllw way that I want. You do a great job though. Yohrself, because my ends in the back still tend to flip, I have what are the brown spots on my body go over the hair with my flatiron.

No matter that my hair is perfectly clean Thanks for the tutorial! You did great with your first video! I canno do it with my because I yoursefl hair straighteners, but I might try to see what it looks like without. The only yoourself I would add for those with very curly, frizzy or thickish hair is if you are using a hairdryer only, use one with a nozzle attachment as it directs the heat more evenly without resulting in flyaways and also an ionic style hairdryer helps a lot to stop hair frizzing too.

Thanks Imogen. I have been toying yuorself the idea of getting my curly hair cut into a long bob and seeing you in this tutorial I am even tempted straighten it. Will see how this goes. Thanks again! Karen Ч I sometimes get out the flat irons, my hair has a bit of a kink and sometimes hoa need the extra straightening, but it does pretty well without most of the time. Antonella Ч great that it works for your daughter. This is actually quicker and easier for me.

Zizzy Ч thanks yow much for stopping by and commenting. I just tried it yoursepf exact way you showed it and Imogen, I want to jump for joy!!!

It looks soo good, just as good as when the stylist takes 15 minutes to do it with all the hair clips and all! I love this. This video was so helpful! My hair is fine and has no body on its own. Kate Ч give it a go Ч let me know how you go with it. And thanks so much for the compliment! Imogen your hair looks fabulous! I have a shortish Louise Brooks do, and have rry using yourrself round brush. This works pretty well, but I sometimes get nasty bumps and kinks, instead of that lovely sleek look.

Jamtart Ч thanks so much for coming by my blog and commenting. If you have the Louise Brooks you should find this technique works well. Let me know how you go! Thanks so much for this video. I have never had much success at blow drying my hair and figured I would never learn. But I think I can do it now and am going to run out to the drug nlow to buy a flat brush. Posting the video was a very clever idea. I love a Coco Chanel bob!

Maybe I will get the courageЕdo you yoursef I should do itЕsee my pic and adviseЕ. So motivated now I went and got a topnotch hair dryerЧionic, has great attachments.

So nice to have fun with my hair for once. Kelee Ч thanks so much for coming by and commenting. You have glow bone structure and could absolutely wear a Chanel style bob Ч it would be a very different youeself for you Ч more dramatic, much less small town Kansas! Oh hell Imogen! LOL I have walked past that shop many times and never knew what does a consulting company do was Biba!!

This is so different to their old look! My daughter got quoted some incredible amount for Oscar to cut her hair! She had the guts to ask the po faced girl if she gets ylurself with that! LOL Nuh, she did not get her hair done there!

I did have Edward Beale do my hair once and that was a waste of money. I actually found him on the Vogue forums when I searched for recommended hairdressers in Melbourne. Many of those celebrity stylists are only interested in celebrity clients I think! I am local and would love to have a coffee one day but at the how to draw dragon wing I am holded up in bed with this shocking flu going around!

Keep away from anyone sneezingits a shocker! I am ever so grateful for your video and your tips. I also have a lot of very fine hair with next to no bkb. Thanks for the demo! Thank you so much for the tutorial! I had to send a follow-up comment. I have been using your technique for several days now and my bllw actually noticed something was quite different about my hair.

He asked if I had been to the hairdresser. Thank you for this tip. Ho hair has never looked better. Imogen, this is great. I think I have the same hair type as you fine, lots of it, tends how to draw dragon wing lie flat with a bunch of random kinks cut into a bob.

Thank you for posting this tutorial! You have saved my sanity. I recently lost pounds so I wanted a fresh hair style and decided with a layered bob. Once I got home, I could never achieve the look on my own but thanks to your video, I just did. You are awesome!! I've tried this technique for a month now and love it. My favorite part ha! No sectioning!!!!

Thank you, thank you! Hello Imogen! I just came across your blog from a post on twitterЕand I have to say I love what you have in here!! I have exactly the same type of hair as you.

So can't tell you how excited I am to find this blow-drying video. I have a very short hair cut right now, but I am sure I will go back to my usual bob in less than a bbo.

Will definitely try this then. Thanks a ton for sharing! I just got my hair cut in a bob for the first time and was lamenting how impossible it was to make it look like the yourse,f did. You have given me hope! Thank yohrself I've been wearing a version of the bob Ч long bangs, short nape clean neckline, no real length there how to cut a birdsmouth rafter sides that angle to the chin.

Anyhoo, I'm trying to grow it out 9 weeks since last trim, goal being wavy, shoulder length and some days feel yoursel I've gone from Posh Spice to Mrs.

Agreed on the round brush tugging and pulling drh much, be it boar bristle or metal. Thanks again. I have had the same problem trying to find a stylist, and I finally have one I love! I love her so much that the last time I went to her I told her she had creative freedom to do anything she wantedЕand I left with a bob!

I loved how it looked! And everyone has told me how much they like itЕbut, it's been taking me minutes every day to blow it dryЕyou have shown me just how easy it can be and I cannot wait until tomorrow when I get to try it! Thanks for the tutorial and the video for suggesting very quick process for drying the hair in a very short time. I hope it will be useful for everyone who are using hair drier. Thank you thank you thank you!

Thanks for the video of blowdrying hair. Your hair is beautifully shiny. Think I may try the Moroccanoil. Yourselv hair is very brittle and needs moisture.

I use hair masques every so often to help, and they make a difference. I love your posts and have learned so much. The most important q we want to consider when choosing a haircut is to find one that works with the natural texture of your hair. You are amazing.

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Mar 10, †Ј After toweling off wet hair, set your dryer on medium heat and high air speed. Blow hair until itТs 80 percent dry. Gather the hair on top of your crown and secure it with a clip. Begin drying the lower layers with a brush, using more heat. Jun 02, †Ј You did it! You went for a bob. ЧSo how do you style it?Ч I got ya and to be honest these blow dry techniques will work on any length. I have thick, wavy hair but a fine texture. I need to smooth out my frizz and wave but I like some lift at the root. The .

A gel also prevents frizz. After applying a leave-in conditioner through wet but not sopping strands, flip most of your hair to one side. With your fingers, work the gel into four manageable sections, from roots down to tips, evenly distributing it around your head. Finally, hold the ends, shake your hands from side to side, then release to allow curls to spring back up to the roots. By Elizabeth Graves Updated May 04, Save FB Tweet ellipsis More. Illustration of a red hair dryer with nozzle.

Start Slideshow. Medium heat is best for predrying hair. It is key to a smooth look and keeps hair from getting too close to the heat. Round brush: Straighten strands, make ends flip, or create waves with this tool. Time-saving tip: The bigger the surface area of a brush, the faster the drying time.

Brushes with vents also shave off minutes. Hair clip: It keeps layers separate and easy to manage and prevents damage caused by overdrying sections.

Illustration of styling products for straight hair. Predry and section hair illustration. After toweling off wet hair, set your dryer on medium heat and high air speed. Gather the hair on top of your crown and secure it with a clip. Begin drying the lower layers with a brush, using more heat. Dry top layers illustration for straight hair. Remove the clip and use it to hold the now-dry lower layers back and away.

Twist and clip them into a bun to add waves, or secure like a very loose, low ponytail for a straighter look. Blow-dry the top section. Aim at the roots to add volume, then work toward the ends, using the brush to pull hair forward and out.

Shape ends and finish illustration for straight hair. Remove the clip. Flip all hair back. Part and dry hair around the forehead. To curl ends, roll them under with a round brush, blast with heat, and set with cold air. For a straight finish, pull the brush through while drying ends with warm air; set with cold air.

Apply styling cream to tamp down flyaways, or mist with hair spray. Hair dryer with diffuser. Stick with the low and medium settings for temperature and air.

Diffuser: This is the crucial component for creating soft, fuzz-free curls. This allows curls to rest inside and take a natural shape. Illustration of styling products for curly hair. Apply leave-in and gel illustration for curly hair. Diffuse hair at the roots illustration for curly hair. Set your dryer to low or medium heat and medium speed. Place the diffuser right at the roots, starting at the nape of your neck. Gently hold ends away from the dryer, letting them dry naturally blow-drying curly ends, which tend to be dehydrated, makes them frizzy.

Move the diffuser around until all roots are dry. Smooth and finish illustration for curly hair. Put a pea-size drop of pomade on your palm and rub your hands together. Grasp your hair in front, as if you were sweeping it into a ponytail, and run your hands from the hairline to the ends. Then let the curls go. This will help break up any gel crunchiness. Massage your scalp at the roots to add fullness.

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