How much does it cost to buy a golf cart

how much does it cost to buy a golf cart

How Much Does A Golf Cart Cost?

If you want to buy a used golf cart, you can typically find them for about $2, to $5, or so. The price range here will vary depending on a multitude of factors. For example, the year of a cart and the quality of its build profoundly affect the price. Jun 11,  · Overall, Golf Cart prices can range anywhere between $1, for a Used Golf Cart and $15,+ for a high-end New Golf Cart. We go more in-depth on the price break-down below. Current Golf Cart Prices Price-Range is based on popular Makes & Models from our Golf Carts for Sale section here on (This list [ ].

They have become wildly popular in small communities, on large private properties, and fo are extremely fun to drive around. Now that we know the uses of golf carts, how much do new and used golf carts cost? Below I break down the costs you can expect from new, used, and custom designed coost carts in more detail.

Take a look! The nice thing about new golf carts is that the price can change depending on your specific wants and needs. Sometimes it can be worth buying a new cart, simply because it comes with a warranty, there are no previous problems with that cart, and you have the option to customize through the dealer or manufacturer.

It may also be easier to finance, and find better deals when purchasing a new golf cart. CONS of Buying Brand New: The only real downside to buying a new golf cart is the fact that they lose a majority of their value as soon as you haul it off the lot, like any brand new vehicle.

The good news about searching for a used golf cart is that their availability is vast. There are a plethora of used golf carts available, mostly because golf jt need to renew their golf cart fleets every few years.

This can create a huge selection of lightly used golf carts. To be honest, this is probably one of the better options when it comes to golf carts. Used carts cost significantly less than new, and most of the carts are using batteries to make them go.

Companies like Charleston Custom Cartsdo an excellent job at ih used golf carts and turning them into amazing looking vehicles for a fraction of the price of a new golf cart. You may even get lucky and acquire a used cart with upgrades already attached from the previous owner.

CONS of Buying Used Golf Carts: Depending on the age of the golf cart, or how the previous owner handled the vehicle, hidden problems may arise when purchasing used. With new golf cart companies rising up every year, there are three main crt that have been building golf carts to withstand the test of time. EZGOClub Carand Yamaha have been around and building golf carts for go,f years, but how do you know which one to buy? Below I break down the individual prices for each of these popular golf cart manufacturers.

Check out a few examples below. For instance, with an electric vehicle, the batteries can last anywhere from 5 to 7 years, but with a gas vehicle, you will be doing regular oil changes, filling it with gas, changing belts, and replacing filters. So even though electric vehicles may seem a bit more expensive, the cost will balance out over time. However, the batteries that are equipped in golf carts last quite a long time. Most of them, depending on the amount of use, and how well you take care of them, can how to make a flyer in word 2007 upwards of 7 years.

If you want to learn more muc the batteries used in golf carts, check out our reviews below! As you can see the more seats, the more money. Lift kits are becoming very popular in the gplf cart world, and for good reason. They add ground clearance for off roading, and make your golf cart look cool, but how much are they? Most go,f kits are brand specific. You can read the full reviews below to get a better understanding on how much they run, and how they work.

As you can see prices for golf carts are actually quite reasonable depending on what you want. In this article you learned the differences between three of the major golf cart brands in the business. You also learned that there are some price differences when it comes to buying electric or gas, but both can have their advantages and disadvantages.

Beyond that, we explained the differences between 2, 4, and 6 passenger vehicles. We hope that how do i log into cpanel article has given you a better understanding on how much golf carts cost, and the confidence in deciding which make and model is right for your price range.

If you have any questions about golf cart prices, or have any information to add, please leave us a comment below. Thanks for reading! More Reviews. Search for:. Previous Next. View Larger Image. How Much is a Golf Cart? Popular Golf Cart Brands to Buy With new golf cart companies rising up every year, there are three main companies that have been building golf carts to withstand the test of time. Are Golf Cart Batteries Expensive? About the Car is fixed now how to claim diminished value Josh Delsota.

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Current Golf Cart Prices

Apr 11,  · The average 4 seater golf cart will cost between $10, and $12, and a 6 seater golf cart costs anywhere between $12, and $15, If you looking to buy a used golf cart, they will cost you about $2, to $5, or more depending on the condition, seating capacity and features. Oct 20,  · Depending upon where you’re acquiring the golf cart from, usually, they can cost anywhere from $7, to $9, or more. If you think that it’s pretty excessive to pay that much for a golf cart, you can usually go on the used cart path. The average cost of new golf carts ranges from $4, up to $15,, while used ones cost between $1, and $6, depending on the condition and level of refurbishment. Golf carts that are fully reconditioned mechanically, with new paint, tires, and upholstery range from $3, to $4,

Golf carts are very common and we see them around quite often at places such as airports, golf course, university campuses, zoo, private estates and sometimes at gated communities for transportation and private tour purposes. Do you want to purchase a golf cart? This post covers everything about Golf Carts and cost of a new Golf Cart. In the earlier days Golf carts were used only at golf course for taking golfers from one green to the next, used as snack carts and also to transport maintenance workers and landscaping professionals around the golf course.

But today, Golf carts are used even in factories, warehouses and farm fields for transportation purpose. Electric golf carts and Gas powered golf carts also vary in prices.

You can buy a Gas powered or electric golf cart within that price range. The prices of Golf Carts would go up as you opt for more features. Whether to buy a Gas Golf cart or an Electric Golf cart is a personal choice as each one has its own set of advantages. Electric golf carts are silent and more environmentally friendly. The downside of Gas-powered golf carts is maintenance and recurring fuel cost. Most Golf cart manufacturers provide some warranty for a fixed period of time but it adds up to the cost of the Golf Cart.

The value of your warranty will affect how much your cart costs. For example, most warranties will add no more than a few hundred dollars to the cost of the average golf cart. However, some manufacturers do not even charge extra for a warranty. Many times only service is offered free under warranties and customers are charged for spare parts. We hope the above post will help you make the right decision when purchasing a Golf cart and by now you must be having a clear idea about the cost of a New Golf cart.

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